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  1. Denied Please give it time before you reapply as you were demoted this week.
  2. Pending DM me for interview.
  3. Denied Please get to know the community and it's staff team.
  4. Denied Please get to know the staff team and community.
  5. Accepted However, I've seen that you've had almost the max amount of warns. You will need to be careful or you might loose your trusted.
  6. Denied App was not filled out completely.
  7. Denied Please get to know the community and it's staff team.
  8. Accepted Ban received was a bit too harsh. Therefore ban will be reduced from perma to 3 weeks.
  9. Denied You should refrain from using any external lua scripts on the server as that could lead to suspicion of cheating and/or perma ban.
  10. The man, the myth, the legend. Leon
  11. Denied If you would have payed attention, you'll notice that K9 is under a section that says "Government"
  12. Denied It should be common sense not to join a server with an alt when you're banned.
  13. Denied You still got caught by the anti-cheat for methamphetamine. As Codlogic said, it's and insta perma ban.
  14. Denied You are quite active in the discord, but it seems like not a lot of people see you.