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  1. 1: Name: Unfiery 2: In Game name: Unfiery 3: SteamID: STEAM_0:1:119640451 4: Reason for Ban: "Currpt CP" 5: Ban time: 1 Week 6: Staff Member who banned you: Cloraxxx 🤮 7: Reason why you feel you should be unbanned: False ban? So basically, I became Bank Manager and set up a base with my team. We were informed by Cloraxxx that they would need to switch to bank security to be able to build in the vault with me, Which began the process of around 6 people applying for the job. After 30 minutes of being door camped and harassed by SWAT members they (SWAT) rushed into the vault and killed everyone (Bank Security) inside including me (Bank Manager) while also breaking NLR (SWAT Members) several times after we ( Bank Manager & Security) defended the raid by PD, Not a single PD who was raiding the bank while RDM'ing and breaking NLR was warned. So I said fuck it and went to take a shit. After destroying the toilet I came back to see a 1 week ban for "Currpt CP" because someone set off the vault and took money out while I was gone, please explain how I'm supposed to defend the bank if I'm afk on gmod and on the toilet IRL. I don't want to break NRL and definitely don't want to spontaneously combust. 8: Do you regret breaking the Server Rules ( unless Falsely Banned 😞😞) I guess i either will never play this broken job again (BM) or just not play gmod if i have to shit 9. Evidence (Required): PD Raiding Bank : https://drive.google.com/open?id=1tNXIgx-2NoYJzFZC4BTlO8PYJNT9uZF9 Banned After AFK : https://drive.google.com/open?id=17QR1cfNUZotXLs0B9KNLxoympkRHTIY7 if there is any SOLID counter evidence i would LOVE to see it. pro tip for new players : don't go afk if you're bank manager !! if this appeal doesn't work i rlly don't care and i'll wait the time. catch me on hl:alyx for the next week.
  2. Neutral never seen you on discord or on the server but you have a nice full application.
  3. always on the RP server and discord, great/chill person to play with.
  4. +REP nice guy, fun to play with. follows rules and doesn't get into trouble.
  5. +REP how are you not already trusted? you're always active and never get into trouble
  6. seen you a around but never really interacted with you much.
  7. - Sent from NeonLink for Core i3
  8. don't be toxic now. Do not start drama here, this is not a help center -ice
  9. still not the topic of this thread, if you want me demoted use the correct forum page.
  10. it was my hit and i wanted to get rid of it, bring evidence next time.
  11. because flying under the map is moderation
  12. Neutral none of these are valid reasons for a perm, NITRP : was false, he has been following rules for every class he has chosen. Staff Dis : No Comment, handled incorrectly imo. Should've been muted and warned or kicked from discord, not banned on the RP Server from something that happened in discord. FailRP : I was informed that he knocked someone out without adverting to obtain this part. Which was fine by the person he knocked out because the "victim" was a new player as well and didn't know how to play Nice job following the punishment guidelines btw. 2 Weeks would be more suitable in this situation. not a perm. Or the original 3 day ban. "me saying a mod has 1 leg and 3 ankles.' Which as far as I know, doesn't deserve a perma-ban. " = Correct this is 100% unbiased. so don't try to say it is, i would support any players case in this situation. a permanent ban is not suitable for this behavior. When you become a staff member you are supposed to follow the punishment guidelines given (not get salty and get in a private call with 2 other staff members and create your own punishments and then make a demotion request because someone disagrees with you), they were not followed here. I am in no way saying that this man should not be punished for what he has done. I do not condone this behavior on the discord or DarkRP servers. You just took your banning powers too far with this one, chief. (also nice job practicing you professionalism like you were told to apple juice) maybe some staff members should try !motd some time. -fiery #freex
  13. -REP mass RDM isn't a very efficient way to handle your anger, especially if you want to be on the staff team.
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