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  1. I think it is an intuitive idea to install radios inside the car to use music while driving sounds good for the most of us.
  2. SteamID: Hours On Server: (3 Is Required) : 3d 3h 46m 33s Reason You Love NeonLink ( 5 Sentences Minimum ) I love Neonlink due to the fact its been the most enjoyable rp sever I ever had played in my entire life. The rules are great and to follow by even though may be revised but thats what I like about it . You can suggest to the staff ideas and they will help to provide a better playing experience. Admins and mods react quick to situations if needed. I also love NeonLink due to the fact its the least corrupt server of any game I played in my lifetime and I'm not stretching the truth on this. Finally, the sole important reason why I love Neonlink is the community , they are supportive and sometimes comedic , I have mostly enjoyable experiences with mingling with players and its something you cant really get out of real life outside of the internet.
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