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  1. Discord name: CheeseMan#0001 Suggestion: Winemaking system add-on Description: It's a nice little add-on that makes it possible to start a winery with growing plants and such. Reason: I think it'd be a nice slower paced add-on to add to the server. Other than a couple of small dead servers/nonexistent servers and some french ones. I don't see this addon being used anywhere. It's on sale currently and I think would at least be worth trying it out to see if people like it Link/Example:
  2. Discord name: CheeseMan#0001 Suggestion: Rainbow tool gun Description: it makes things rainbow when you tool gun them, its cool and it could just be something for trusted/vip only. Reason: It's cool Link/Example: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=300157997
  3. Discord name: CheeseMan#0001 Suggestion: Make a rule against meth cooks putting their tubes in public Description: a rule against meth cooks putting their tubes in public Reason: Im getting tired of walking around in public or fountain and starting to die from toxic waste because of someone's tube
  4. Discord name: CheeseMan#0001 Suggestion: Give the 50% buff that was just given to all jobs to DJ Description: enough said Reason: enough said
  5. Discord name: Cheeseman#0001 Suggestion: Zero's scratch off addon Description: You can buy scratch tickets and earn money/items Reason: Small niche thing you could put in spawn or somewhere in downtown. Let players waste their money on them or make it a way for players to get unique items (i know you're against gms stuff wes but i feel like something small like this would be fine if not in understand) Link/Example: https://www.gmodstore.com/market/view/zero-s-scratchcards-casino-script
  6. Discord name: CheeseMan#0001 Suggestion: Change the meth cook model to heisenberg Description: Change the meth cook model to heisenberg Reason: think it'd be cool since you can already make crystal blue like in the show Link/Example: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=227312918 (this one below is a lot bigger in size) https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2405930011
  7. Discord name: CheeseMan#0001 Suggestion: Adding gmod eats addon Description: It's an addon that doesnt even require a full job to do. It allows you to purchase a gmod eats backpack and deliver food to and from NPCs set around the map Reason: It's a small thing that can help kill time and make money. The money made obviously doesn't need to be outrageous and it is based off how far you have to go. Just something nice and kinda interactive to do instead of blindly walking around tits Link/Example: https://www.gmodstore.com/market/view/gmod-eats-an-uber-eats-like-delivery-system
  8. Discord name: CheeseMan#0001 Suggestion: Remove oil driller or replace it with a updated/new addon Description: same as the suggestion Reason: As much as it's a classic of a addon, it's very outdated and boring if i'm being honest. As much as it's been tried to bring back with buffs n such it's just not a job i see anyone play for longer than a couple minutes, this only being because they test the job, it's boring to them, and they never touch it again. I don't know what addon specifically would replace it (if it's decided to replace it) but just something instead of what it is now is needed in my opinion
  9. Discord name: CheeseMan#0001 Suggestion: Change Player Model of private security Description: Change Player Model of private security to not look like CP Reason: It's annoying to think it's a police officer when it's just a private security. Pretty sure we can afford to have a model change for one job
  10. Discord name: CheeseMan#0001 Suggestion: Bot that auto adds a check mark and a X to each suggestion Description: Bot that auto adds a check mark and a X to each suggestion Reason: It's such an easy thing to add and makes it so you dont have to wait for staff to react first. Or when a staff won't add check mark and no one can upvote a suggestion
  11. Discord name: CheeseMan#0001 Suggestion: Add a bank in spawn Description: There'd be a bank in spawn Reason: This would prevent people from being able to block the bank off entirely and being unable to access your money. Especially when you put all your money away before you get offline and not even being able to BUY access to your own money/items
  12. Discord name: CheeseMan#0001 Suggestion: Machine placement anywhere Description: In the meth lab 2 addon, there's a feature to be able to play the machines n such on surfaces other than just the tent but it's not enabled currently. Reason: Just would be nice to not be constricted to just the tent with placing your machines and would allow a not so claustrophobic setup for your machines n such
  13. Discord name: CheeseMan#0002 Suggestion: Negate Fall Damage on the bhopper Description: Pretty self explanatory Reason: Feel like if you're bhopping around fast n shit you should also have the added effect of negating fall damage while holding it out
  14. Discord name: CheeseMan#0002 Suggestion: Buyable BHOP Swep Description: it explains itself Reason: The hook is already buyable in the store so i don't see why not also add the bhop swep
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