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  1. Denied You have no past experience whatsoever with staffing. Also, your reputation within the community is definitely not up to par. You may reapply in 5 days. Thread closed.
  2. Denied You provided no evidence and did not correctly follow the template. I believe your ban has already expired anyways. Thread closed.
  3. Denied Putting no effort into your application, minging, and lying, are not the best ways to become staff. Please do not reapply. Thread closed.
  4. Denied Interview failed, fell free to reapply in 2 days. Thread closed.
  5. Denied Interview failed, you may reapply in 2 days. Thread closed.
  6. If you want something done you can make a staff report.
  7. Accepted The player will be warned. Thread closed.
  8. Denied From the amount of detail you put in to your unban appeal, I see no reason to unban you. You have no evidence of a false ban and your ban was justified. Your 2 options are to either wait the length of the ban, or purchase an unban from our store at www.neonlink.us/store. Thread closed.
  9. Denied Feel free to reapply when you have a working microphone. Thread closed.
  10. Denied Interview failed, you may reapply in 2 days. Thread closed.
  11. Denied Your application did not meet the bare minimum requirements. You may reapply in 1 week. Thread closed.
  12. Denied If you just came to the forums to be toxic and harass a staff member, I can increase your ban to permanent if you would like me to. You may no longer appeal this ban. Thread closed.