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  1. -Rep Way under age limit Only got on the server yesterday from what i have heard from other staff members
  2. +/- Rep Have not had many interactions with you and the ones i have are mixed. Dont really see you on that often anymore.
  3. -Rep Not active You have never been very mature.
  4. -Rep 0 effort in staff app Supposedly advertised
  5. +/- Rep haven't really seen you on. Also haven't had any interactions
  6. - Rep I have seen you on once And you seem pretty mingy and dont respect other players
  7. +/- Rep I see you on alot. I havent had too many interactions with you but from what ive seen you are nice but minge sometimes.
  8. +Rep Very active You stay out of trouble Very nice person :D. Also good app
  9. -Rep You argue about every rule. Your really not active at all. From what i have seen you dont respect staff.
  10. +/- rep Your active But i have seen you being mingey and very toxic. For the most part you are a good player.
  11. +Rep Active Fun to be around Knows the rules
  12. -Rep Have not seen you at ALL on the server.
  13. -Rep Seen you on the server once since your last app got denied. (But that's just me) App seems rushed. Also you say your 14 in the app?!?!?
  14. +rep 7 months is enough time for someone to change I hope...
  15. +rep a year is a long time O.O Hopefully you have matured enough.