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  1. Huge +Rep One of the most genuine and wholesome people ive ever met on this server. I think he would make a amazing addition to the staff team.
  2. +/- Rep I havent met you yet but from what other staff saying Your toxic and threaten people.
  3. +/- Rep You were really toxic before You have gotten alot better now. Also i agree with dogo, you should change your binds.
  4. +/- Rep (leaning towards +Rep) Even though most of my interactions are good with you it seems not so much with the other staff. Decent app
  5. +Rep Super active Really nice guy Definitely deserves trusted
  6. -Rep You had over 30 kills and had been killed only like 5 times from what logs showed. But if they were also participating i feel it could be reduced to a 2 month ban
  7. +Rep Seems the staff member responsible blew this way out of proportions (You did not follow format though)
  8. +/- Rep Sits inside base alot of the time your on 7 warns Have had a lot of sits called on you
  9. +Rep Very nice person Active Doesnt get into much trouble
  10. +/- Rep Some interactions but not enough to tell whether + or - Rep
  11. +Rep After reviewing the vod I have determined that it was the other way around. Gank Was banned for clear player targeting and I think the staff got confused on what I was asking. I think I have good reason to assume that you were afk when your party's were told to stop interacting with eachother. I feel that your party members should have told you but thats not your fault. But you were harassing bread but no sits were called until the one where you were banned. Im gonna say you keep the warn but you deserve to get unbanned. Very sorry that this happened, Just the cause of some c
  12. +/- Rep Have had good and bad experiences as well
  13. + Rep Super nice to all players Active Overall fun to be around
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