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  1. enough cock rating, time for the durability test.mp4
  2. deadpool please, I already gave you my wife and my car, what more do you want?
  3. Sounds like you need new staff, im still pissed that my app was declined a year ago, nowere inthe MOTD did it say "Fruit stands cannot have fading doors" Still pissed
  5. id give you the dishwasher supreme v2.0 deluxe master suck suck if you didnt camp in the bank for 20 mins and and fuck my ass with a lightsaber
  6. I mean shittt i really be, Ight im staff now
  7. Thats good news, if it really be doe
  8. Not really sure if anyone remembers me but hello is the server still alive? I dont have access to a computer to play on it anymore but i miss the community
  9. Didn't name servers he was staff on, didn't even put 5 sentences poorly made, also ugly app. Reading this gave me a headache, color it or something jeez
  10. Hell yeah it would and since its not restricted to only youtube you can play stuff from any website you want, potentially it could be a server event like a movie night or something were all the players go and watch a movie
  11. Its called like media player or whatever, and yeah it would be a good job like a movie theater manager who controls what is played
  12. 3 hours? 3 hours? three, 3 hours. No no no not enough definitely not enough. you earned the MEGA -REP
  13. -rep i haven't been on the server in a week now, due to schooling and national guard but no evidence = no unban, unless you were actually falsely banned