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  1. +REP I love this dude, not a minge, we kiss often
  2. +/- REP, Leaning on +REP Very good app and everything, but I haven't had any interactions with you
  3. +/- REP Not many interactions, but good app
  4. To add on to this real quick before I go to bed, 1: I had drivers Ed in a couple minutes so my mind wasn’t really on the sit since I had my hardest drive coming up and 2: We do make mistakes, believe it or not us staff are far from perfect but we learn, and with that outta the way, I have you 300k in the first sit, and after the second gave you another 500k for your troubles, I was trying to get off quickly so I could get to drivers Ed but sorting that sit out would have made me late
  5. Waffle knew but as soon as he heard of the punishment he thought ‘okay, so devilish thought this is how he should handle this’ and left it alone, although you did tell him the situation, he wasn’t there when it happened, so he assumed since I warned him I already dealt the punishment anyway gotta get back to school now, so can’t reply for a while
  6. +REP I'm retarded, but I don't think waffle should be striked for this since the entire thing was my fault and waffle knew nothing about it, so I'm perfectly fine with me being striked, but not waffle
  7. -REP Would've been a +/- REP, but you failed to meet the gmod hours requirement
  8. -REP Absolutely not, this is for people who think they have been wrongfully banned, you were not. I had a lot of complaints from many players about you rdming straight out of spawn, don't do the crime if you can't do the time.
  9. +REP Very active, good app, not a minge
  10. +/- REP Haven't had much interaction with you, chill person tho and not a bad app
  11. +REP Everything waffle said, good job man.
  12. +/- REP Haven't had a lot of interactions with you, but it seems like a good app
  13. +REP Basically everything waffle said, and he's very active
  14. +REP Seen you on a lot, not a minge, good app
  15. +REP Seen him on the server quite a few times, Seems like a good app, not a minge
  16. Discord name: Snip#4459 (DarkRP- Devilish) Suggestion: Make it so we can pocket bongs from the weed dealer Reason: Convenience Purposes Sample Text Here
  17. +/- REP I want to hear both sides of the story, but I also have mixed feelings about this
  18. +/- REP Haven't had many interactions with you, but seems like a good app.
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