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  1. +/- REP, havent been on much but i think you deserve a second chance considering I've hade some good interactions with you.
  2. +REP active and friendly, great part of the community
  3. +REP chill and friendly, definitely trustworthy.
  4. Discord name: Eric Cartman#8197 Suggestion: I feel like Neonlink can start a pretty solid minecraft server where we can have games like, skywars, hunger games, or bedwars, and even throw events every once in a while,. Description: The server can bring more attention to neonlink and different types of players also. Reason: I feel like having a minecraft server could benefit the community immensly Link/Example: n/a
  5. -REP I have had some sits against you and seen you in a "bad mood," but it is not an excuse for your warns. However, you are active.
  6. +REP newer player but chill guy and not mingey at all. Haven't had one sit against him.
  7. +/- REP can agree that you are not active enough. You only get on for a limited amount of time.
  8. +REP All but good interactions, widely liked in the community, knows ALL the rules.
  9. +/- REP I've had a few encounters with you and your chill but your application is a bit weak. (Leaning towards +REP)
  10. +/- REP I only see you on the server once in a while, also your younger than the age requirement so leaning towards -REP.
  11. +REP Pretty active on the server and very friendly.
  12. +REP the warn was meant for the other orange in the game, unwarn this man.
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