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  1. This guy is a cool guy. 

  2. Here is the server moose owns it. EDIT: His STEAM_0:0:72709350
  3. 1: Steam name:Arii 2: In-Game Name:Arii 3: Your SteamID:STEAM_0:0:456619459 4: Steam name of Requested Individual:Moose 5: Individual's steamID:I don't know 6: Reason for Ban Request:Because he has gotten his friends to spam my server and one to spam me rasicst images. I have proof of it being moose because the discord I will send soon is his server. He has called me a fag and a bitch for not 1v1 ing him on r6. It sarted when I said -rep being a toxic asshole to my friend when He "Shit on him" In a 1v1 7: Evidence ( Required 😞
  4. +Rep, Chill guy knows the rules and Is friendly to new players.
  5. +Rep Love the dude very chill, Calm down with the sits btw
  6. +Rep You made an awesome app and you sound like a good person
  7. + Rep I see you on alot and you are a chill guy. Just why the name fuck you?
  8. +/- Rep.. I have never seen you on. Sorry
  9. - Rep I have played with you but when I have you seem to rdm alot. Sorry my man
  10. +/- Rep You seem nice but I have no interactions with you.... Sorry
  11. +/- Rep Haven't Had Really Any Interactions with you, You sound like a good person tho.
  12. +/- I Rarely seen you on, But You do know the rules and you behave. Will change to a +rep if I see you on more.
  13. +Rep You are a chill guy with a nice attitude and you know the rules, however you do not meet the 150 word Minimum.
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