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  1. You did say my radio station was bad. So....
  2. -Rep 13yrs of age No prior experience It hurts my eyes when I see random words capitalized in you sentences You are not very active on the forums 3 warns (Don’t take this as hate)
  3. Lol I wonder why they didn’t ban you on the forums
  4. Do you actually have C:SS or did you download files from CS cheater or another website? Because a long time ago I had the same issue so when I got css all my texture issues fixed
  5. Reinstall your game, and then redo the tutorial
  6. -Rep - Am I supposed to be able to see your steam id? Lmao - You could provide evidence of a storm in your area by simply checking the forecast on the day you were banned at that time
  7. -Rep - Mostly based on the fact you can’t get your own steam id - You admitted to owning bitminers as cp - You have provided no evidence - I can say though that for being a corrupt cop and getting banned for 7 days is kinda harsh though. I saw a guy rdm 2 people randomly and get jailed for 5 minutes. So I’ll let y’all be the judge of that.
  8. They should add epic meal time shirts into the game
  9. An event every hour, seems pretty hectic not to mention repetitive
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