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  1. -rep been apart of the community for 5 months but only 14 hours and 2 warns thats terrible
  2. to apply for dev go to https://neonlink.us/forums/index.php?/forum/19-developer-applications/
  3. just buy css perma fix never have any problems or get the valve complete pack great deal also will have all of the textures
  4. +REP Better Printers for sure, mining could be cool
  5. maybe not cars but bikes, hoverboards, go karts or anything like that would be cool
  6. it is compatible you just need the chromium version of gmod take legit a minute to update if people want a tv they will update if not they wont so it would be fine but i see what your saying
  7. +/- Neutral heard good things but haven't seen you on much
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