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  1. +REP for sure I mean... all the proof is there. 1.) Warrant was accepted. 2.) He didn’t meta, he easily saw by crouching what was happening. 3.) Admin was very unprofessional. Almost seemed biased to one side over the other. Practically acted as if, even with proper evidence, he didn’t care what Jayden said as if Deadpool had a predetermined decision made before TPing him to the sit... kinda sad. Staff lately has been somewhat off. Very few do what they signed up for, correctly. Hate to see it.
  2. -REP You seem to not follow rules on more than just the server because before you even post a topic the first thread is a FORMAT for ban appeals 🥴 It’s a role play sever, so if you don’t intend to role play and just want to “have fun with friends” and do irrelevant things try out the other game modes that suit that better 👍🏽
  3. Shady

    Handie Combo

    Alright, either way if it doesn’t end up working that’s fine too- $5 isn’t gonna stress me out lmao I just wanted to make sure I wasn’t overlooking commands on how to use it or something
  4. Eh yeah it was me, send them the last screenshot too bb. Although I lied and admitted to it in that message. You’re just tryna point focus on all issues except yourself. I stand by my opinion still 😉
  5. @TheStraightUpSavage I’m actually gonna go ahead and withdraw my application. As much as I would love to be apart of this team- I don’t want it to put stress on my role play in game 🙁 Thank you all for such amazing support behind this tho and I will CONTINUE to see you all in game 💜
  6. That gif still doesn’t disprove your friend ? You’re really stretching out for a scape goat on your own ban. What you’re even trying to assume, did not happen IN the server either. This isn’t the place to argue so I’m ending this here. I stand by my opinion
  7. That’s not even a full screen, and obviously that must have been photoshopped or you had a friend help you because like you mentioned, I have you blocked 🤨
  8. Tf ? Wrong person ? I just got off work pal. Not on discord today plus im in the midst of interviewing for staff along with me being really cool with Juuls, KIWI, Polar, and even lonely. So why would I call staff toxic with that being said and the fact I’m on it 24/7🤨
  9. -REP You have time you take RP serious , but you break a lot of rules and than try to lie your way out of them. Just like when you were player targeting me for not wanting to play anymore. Than I called in a sit and said I would record from now on. Not to mention how you camp in bank and raid it back to back. Sometimes without adverting. Etc etc. I feel this ban is justified because you also need a day off to take time and carefully read over the rules.
  10. -REP. While, yes, you do have a good amount of hours- I’ve only seen you once in game. You should try to interact with the community more and become more known.
  11. -rep i don’t think I’ve seen you on server. Also wrong application format and under the age limit by 3 years.. Refer to this link to see the proper format.