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  1. 1: Original HugeBandit1010 (Banned on forums) HugeBandit1010(try2) my unbanned forum account 2: HugeBandit1010 3: 76561198357324895 (discord is HB1010 #4759) My discord alt is HB2020 #4180 4: Spamming?? 5: Perm? 6: Mr blob on forums and unknown on discord 7: *****************I am unsure if this is the right place to do a ban appeal for the forums and discord ************************** So here is my story I got banned off the game ( a false ban ) it has been revoked (banned sometime in may? and unbanned back in august). And me being mad for getting banned off the game I went to the forums and the discord and spammed. This was not a smart decision because I didn't realize I would be unbanned on the game later. I honestly have no clue what I did to get banned on the discord or the forums was probably just some dumb shit. I apologize for my actions as I am trying to get back into playing gmod and playing this server. 8. Yes i do it was just a dumb few minute decision of me not thinking
  2. I POSTED IN WRONG SECTION SORRY 1: Name: HugeBandit1010 2: In Game name: HugeBandit1010 3: SteamID: 76561198357324895 4: Reason for Ban: ALT 5: Ban time: PERM 6: Staff Member who banned you: DruggedDoggo 7. reason you feel you should be unbanned: i dont have any alts this is my main account and i have been playing on it since 2017 and had gmod since january 5 ( i think) 2019. I just am unsure why this happened. I just gave up after this situation with this server but now I wanted to play on it again. 8: Do you regret breaking the Server Rules ( unless Falsely Banned 😞😞 FALSE BANNED 9. Evidence (Required): Dosnt pertain to situation