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  1. Hello Hitman it is good to see you are applying for trusted, i was wondering when you would apply as you are a fun player to be around, and i do appreciate the compliment +Rep
  2. 5 minutes.... that is at most 150 MB, running at 1080p for and if you were running at 4k the most it would be 600 MB, SO either A you dont have ANY video or B you are just that lazy to cut a video down Send the video
  3. It is great to see that you are open to improvement and have the willingness to change for the better and that gives you a +rep from me, However you can drive me crazy sometimes and be mingy in some of the sits i am working on -/+rep keep improving BK
  4. I can agree to this, less mingy then he/she was in the beginning, continue to improve everyday Solar
  5. I can agree on these as little interaction but you have been chill and for that i can agree on these best of luck +rep
  6. UPDATE YOU WERE BANNED FOR 4 DAYS serve your time as you should take this time to reevaluate your time on the server, Especially after this
  7. its not hard to cut a video down to the point it happened, you can do it in your basic pre installed video recording/gallery so i can find this BS Also you have a history of this so -rep
  8. Nah you deserve it with the shit I have seen for evidence Altho yes like patchee said, a decrease for the ban seems reasonable
  9. sounds like a bannable offense (kidding) nah if BK is that weak minded on this server ,where you have to have some decent thickness on skin for the usual insults then i think he should leave since this server is on the lane of RP sense and the (SLIGHT) bit of toxicity to come with it
  10. -rep Advertising applications isn't allowed sorry phrog
  11. Alright news update +rep Reason Cleep is fun in game and a slight minge, as we all can be sometimes, he brings a good laugh when it's needed and can be chill at the times it's chaotic *sometimes*
  12. Pooshi you straight said *i fucking despised the staff team* do I need to grab the clip? It's a bit outta context as it is just that part but we at the time were talking about the NL staff team when it was said, and I only remember this because I finished building my anti jet defense system in Stormworks that day and I died inside when you said it I will search my Archives and see if I xan find the full clip of that conversation
  13. I would love to say yes, I truly would but after leaving us for icefuse, lied to us by saying *I have to deal with irl stuff like school and such* and then started dissing on NL by saying Icefuse is better optimized , and that NL is shit and that we have more corrupt staff and a community that is super toxic compared to Icefuse it hurts, maybe down the road it will change to a +rep but not rn it's too soon -rep
  14. i can agree on this, altho i have not had many interactions, i go off first impressions and this is what i seen on my first impression
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