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    How Is everyone doing? Hope all is well
  2. Neutral Rep i have not seen you in game, rdm me once and we can go from there... or i rdm you either or lol
  3. Hey Rac good to see you are applying for Trusted, hopefully you get it, when i was staff you were chill to be around and never were one to cause trouble +rep
  4. Have RDMed him in the past great guy, did not freak out overrall glad to see him applying +Rep
  5. Hey yah shit, about time you apply, if you get this, then I can bully you er I mean be proud you went up in the NL community +rep
  6. No you are correct on this part -rep
  7. -rep Very little effort put into the app, feels like you have no care to give about the server, sorry womp
  8. e you need like 8 people to a party or????
  9. oh boy Unkong, if imma be honest with yah i think you need more activity in the server. more interactions and less mingy +/- rep due to having somethings to work on but good to see you back
  10. Hey Henry I don't remember you as staff or even as a player so I cannot give a plus or minus rep, I have seen you recently but not a lot
  11. Ever heard of rdm with a valid reason?
  12. *insert 9 paragraph essay here* Lol nah ++rep Mason has overall gotten better since I have known him, he is trying to better himself as a player and yea he messes up every now and then, like we all have, he tries to make the best of it and move on. He has been less mingy as a player, and continues to improve or try to everyday, before I couldn't even stand him without the fear of him trying to rdm me, now I can hang around him for a while. Keep up the great work Mason and I hope you get this
  13. In-game name: Lycan Discord name: Lycan ArchStryder#0013 SteamID: STEAM_0:0:216995386 Age: (Required 15+) 21 Time zone: MST When are you most available: (Day or night) Night How many hours per day can you be active in our community: between 2-10 depending on what my work says How long have you been a part of our community: roughly 3 years How much play time do you have on the server: around 1230 (literally) Have you ever been a staff member or a related role on another community: tmod Mod smod jadmin tester Why would you like to become a member of the DarkRP Staff Team: (150 words) I had no choice in my last resignation from staff, I was homeless for 3 days and no actual internet. But now I have internet and can continue my term as a staff for NL. Another reason I wanted to rejoin was due to me being on at the times that the other staff are offline and are unable to get on due sleep or school or lastly college, this will put them at ease and at a term of relaxation knowing a staff is on with no worry. I might have had a few falling outs with some staff but I will admit they are good people to be with even if someone of them are questionable on how they got staff. As a staff NL I can contain and maintain the server in a way to prevent those who wish to ruin the RP of others to a minimum What makes you a better choice over other applicants: I believe i am a better applicant because I know how the staff team works and what is expected of me as staff, I have been a pretty chill in the past and even up till my resignation as a staff of NL, I strive to be better then any other staff and I try to make the best out of something that has had a negative effect on someone. I have a great rep in the community and am well known in the community for my puns as well as my willingness to give someone a second chance IF I can see they are having a bad day, I am not one to be punishment hungry even though I talk about doing it a lot, a lot of the cases I do are a simple warn and release or a apologize and go system, doing this has bonded and built many bridges that would have otherwise been gone forever. These people now play on the server a lot (when able to, they have a life too). I hold a high standard when it comes to upholding the rules and try to be reasonable when giving out a punishment to someone. I am not afraid to call out my piors if they are messing up but I will refrain from doing it publicly as that keeps them a bit more open to the constructive criticism that I am giving them. Do you promise not to abuse your powers in any shape or form: Why would i need to? The higher ups do that for me 🤣 How many hours in Garry's Mod: (Required 300) 1433 How many total warns do you have:0 How many active warns do you have:0 Do you have the trusted role: (Required) yes
  14. --rep Smells bad, I have tons of *Cliipzz* of you being mean to me
  15. Lycan

    Fuck Go Karts

    I have the addon already
  16. Discord name: Lycan Suggestion: Drones Description: Go Karts? Gay... imagine being able to kill someone acrossed the map using a device capable of mass destruction Reason: fuck Go Karts
  17. Neutral rep but it is like a fucking hurricane for ye and nah If he gets staff then I am leaving to go to cosmic or icefuse He was either abusing me, not leaving me alone or being a douche and a hypocrite on several things This to include the bro my lightsaber meme, he warned and gagged people for it and then not even 10 minutes later is spamming it in vc with others, he even went as far as copyright striking it. Snipey imo isn't really staff material, yes it hurts to say this but it is true . Countless times he has used emotion and jumping to conclusions to solve a case that was not as bad as he made it seem. he isn't one to let a simple rude comment slide, which yes it is a good thing but the thing is, it is something someone said because they are having a bad day or they are RPing and it comes out to him as though it is actually directed towards him and not the RP at hand. ? has made it far up the chain as a staff, am i amazed? yes, would he make it up the chain again? probably if he learned to take things with a grain of salt and not as though it is some sort of curse put upon him as a person or as thought that person is out to get him.. I also wanna add the fact that if and whenever he gets the chance he liked to grab fellow staff and i have seen him pull them out of a sit that they were either watching or were the lead in, or straight up tp them to him several times even after being asked to stop On another case i have had to deal with (this being me as the victim this time) he has gotten other staff to tp me away from a sit area that i was managing to solve a issue just to fuck with me, i had asked him several times to stop yet they both continued to laugh and giggle like to twats, repeating the offense again. yes i got the sit done but that is only after making the threat that i was reporting them to a higher up. of which i did report them, nothing was done about it, unless a verbal was given that i was not aware of. He has had several repeated offenses of staff abuse in the past and refused to change the way he acts as a staff in the past and even before his last demotion. So i doubt he has the mindset to change his ways as a staff this time. He has had one report from me (one of many i should add) of him being a straight up asshole to players and other staff members. He has repeatedly shown on multiple occasions a lack in professionalism in sits, players and to those that are either taking care of a sit or in the sit themselves due to them making a mistake. i have had several instances of when i am in a sit (when i was staff), where i had 5 or 6 people just watching and wanting to learn, no one speaking and everything was going well until he started grabbing people and Phys gunning them away causing a potential 5 minute sit into a 10 to 15 minute one simply due to the fact that he felt that since they weren't RPing they were there to minge and simply commit the act of NITRP, when in fact they wanted to just sit back relax and learn how i ran sits and from there they told me that they would try for staff, some yes i will admit they had work to do, to get up to that point but they were at least making that first step to bettering themselves by watching learning and asking questions on why i did something (some actually stopped or decreased minging and put forth the effort in trying to get warns and such removed) So on multiple occasions in the past during this term he had multiple occasions where he would insult people over and over again, however when they did something about it he would retaliate multiple times in return and target that player until he A) Got them banned due to minor things B) minge around them till they left the server due to them rage quitting Last Negative on Snipey i swear lol, As soon as you got demoted you went shit bag status or for those that cant figure it out.. total minge status and have been that way since then, although you are not as bad as some of the people we have had, it still does not look good on you as a potential future staff member. especially after you left the staff team you REUPLOADED the Bro my lightsaber meme after YOU had it copyright strike'd. This shows A Hypocrisy and your desire to bring those around you down while you use the suffering from it to bring you up.. not a good thing to have especially when you try to go for staff as it shows your lack of care for the community but rather for only yourself Snipey i love you dearly as a friend and a brother but you asked me to be brutally honest on this even after i warned you it wasn't going to be pretty on your side for applying. yet you still told me to go all out' ok now for the lighter and more postive side of this review as this is even giving me depression So With Snipey yes there was a few things that he was actually good at. such as knowing the rules and keeping to himself when he needed to. Best AFKer i have seen in a while. He can be a minge at times too don't get me wrong but he sometimes knows how to do it right. He is Great at RDM wars, and he is able to take multiple sits at once without much struggle. and lastly, he is my Subby Wubby UwU boy Take this review into consideration if you want.. i have simply stated all i have witnessed when i was staff and as a user in NL. I have another 3 or so pages i was thinking about putting in here buuuut that's a bit much as is i doubt you to read all of this as is
  18. Yea that would be nice have it auto respawn then if they have a hit on them I have had this several times
  19. +rep great guy he knows the rules great guy to get along with and I miss him, he was staff and was fucking hilarious and easy to hang with, I wanna have him as a staff
  20. Hi Yonkie, i have rdmed you that is how i know you lol, Pretty chill person whenever i hang out with him, can be a slight minge but aren't we all??? have not had any issues with him and dont really see him in sits, well atleast when i am online... Altho yea you could be slightly more active but i understand school is also a thing i do believe (IDK i am not in school) neutral Rep
  21. Man, Ranger I applaud you for this, tells a lot of detail +rep should get unbanned
  22. As I said to the last guy This is how servers get hacked and crashed
  23. And this is how servers get hacked and crashed
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