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  1. !perma Ctrl Reason: would make a great Staff has changed (before was bad guy) for the better and is improving himself everyday +rep
  2. That's also true.. Listen to chilled lol (although I question him sometimes)
  3. - Rep I agree with Chilled, plus he provided evidence, I do not think you should have that warn removed due to the fact that uts common sense to not block off an area with a lightsaber... Yea I agree also you could have been asked via advert, or in chat... but still as Wesley says *Use Common Sense*, dont get me wrong stuffs crazy with what happened but still.. it all could have been avoided
  4. Hey so it was server wide wipe of unbox and eco wipe...
  5. Neutral is mainly a + but a few small -'s but you can fix those quickly. Have interacted with you both as a antagonist and protagonist of a sit.. you handled it great and weren't out to get them, didnt freak out, either, other then that was mingy but not majorly, when asked to stop, you stopped.. Keep your head held high and your stance strong +rep
  6. Bro imma perm ban you with a +rep from me, is always asking questions, is super active and loves to hangout. Admits to things if he messes up and will better himself on the spot, and can cheer me up even when I am feeling down
  7. He might have a bump in the road, but I ain't going to let it hold him back by holding a grudge... imma say yes. Just dont be stupid is the only favor I ask from you in the end
  8. Oh no.. always minging always in trouble.. god idk Kidding nah fun to hangout with and will ask questions if unsure about stuff or rules that is unsure of +rep
  9. Wait your not trusted yet? I thought you were.. Someone get this player trusted please, there seems to be an issue with the auto assignment +rep
  10. I will give you a +rep due to the fact you have a good grasp on the rules and aren't afraid to call others out when they are in the wrong... your fun to RP with and great to hangout with.. lastly I wa wanna say this.... I havent had a negative sit with you so far.. dont jynx this please
  11. Yah know I once before would see your Staff app and instantly -rep it cause you were a dingus and immature due to minging, but you have changed a bunch and for that I will + rep you, keep working on bettering yourself and going in the right direction.. Stay strong and fight hard... +rep
  12. He didnt -rep the app for not know you.. he did it to show you needed to put more effort into the app