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  1. Cheese is a good guy have had amazing interactions with him, if i could i would have put him as it a while ago...
  2. You have literally been a minge on the server since you got on, you have repeatedly cause problems with other players and have been the suspect of many sits of which you have caused. You, yourself have been racist and when called into a sit about it, you lie and say you haven't been racist when in fact you have. If a sit does not go your way you call the staff retarded and usually drop the fa**ot word a few times and several other racial terms JUST because something does not go your way, you have no integrity on this matter, so stop and grow up. ALSO that is his natural bind to use. He has used it before while you have been on and you have had no problem with it, for you to now make a deal of it shows that you are trying to retaliate against him and get something against him, shit Kimi uses it in his name and half the shitting staff have it in there name or in the binds they use AGAIN GROW UP AND GET A LIFE
  3. -rep Banned for racism, NITRP and other reasons lied about warns Mingy AF causes problems on discord and in game i have seen you everyday in a sit, usually with you as the aggressor
  4. +Rep Is really chill to hangout with and is competitive when it comes to things (events, CoinFlips) but is a great sport if losing or even if he wins it, i have seen him on everyday. Like honestly dude.. take a breather lol Is always in a good mood and even when having a bad day will not let that side of that show in game is always asking questions if he is unsure of something neutral rep he may not have prior staff experience but he can pick that up from the Staff training session and through trial and error haven't had as many interactions with him/her as i would like to -Rep you spelled your name wrong it is, Unfuckable bastard
  5. Neutral Rep Not many Interactions with you however, i will go off what the others have said and hope you get trusted
  6. Man Ziggy you used to be the BIGGEST minge, but i have seen you have turned around and are trying to better yourself and have came a LONG way from what you used to be. You deserve a shot a trusted and i hope you get it +Rep
  7. Have had some good interactions with Tunz, Great attitude towards people and has stayed outta trouble unless he was the victim of it. how he hasn't got trusted yet idk. +Rep
  8. 1. In-Game Name: Lycan 2. Discord Name (eg: John#1234): Lycan#0013 2a. Discord profile link: 3. SteamID (Must have STEAM_ in ID! Do Not Use SteamID64!) STEAM_0:0:216995386 4. Hours On Server (48 hours req.): 605 hrs at the time of writing this 5. Reason You Love NeonLink (100 words): The reason I love Neonlink is because, when I first came back I thought there was no hope of anyone wanting to see me back or even a chance to get back into the Community. I was proven wrong on this countless times and was welcomed with somewhat open arms, all of which I cannot be happier to come back into. I also was greeted by several friends that had swarmed eagerly around me with millions of questions. Saying i hated the swarm of questions and seeing old friends would be a lie regardless of who they are, I was thrilled to see that I was accepted even though I had fucked up and most of the staff who knew me were willing to extend that hand out to me again and forgive me for my prior mistakes and poor choices. I also love the fact that i am making amends with the staff i previously had no hope of rebuilding those bridges with and rebuilding those bridges stronger then before. I am hoping i can continue to improve and build those bridges back with those around me stronger then they were before. This Community has been my home and always will be. 6. Are you on more during night/day: I am active mainly during the day but I am going more into the night area 7. Do you agree if you are deemed untrustworthy you will lose your trusted rank and have to reapply? Yes I do 8. How many warns do you have? How many are active? No I do not have any warns as of right now If you have VIP, state so here: Yes I do Thank you for taking the time to read this and i hope you have a beautiful Day or night depending on timezone