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  1. You must cancel it yourself through paypal
  2. n-Game Name: Discord Name (eg: John#1234): SteamID: Age (15+ Req.): Timezone: When are you most available? (Day/Night): How many hours per day can you be active in our community? How long have you been a part of our community? How much play time do you have on the server? (2d Req.): Have you ever been a staff member or a related role on another community? (Req.): Why would you like to become a member of the Staff Team? (5 Sentences): What makes you a better choice over other applicants? (5 Sentences) : Do you promise not to abuse your powers in any shape or form? (Yes/No): How many hours in Garry's Mod? (350 Req.): What your favorite animal? (Optional): How many warns do you have and how many are active? (Less than 5 total and 0 Active Req.):
  3. Faction Applications Are OPEN but please have a solid background it will be denied. Out Of Character Steam Name: SteamID: Discord Name & ID: In Character Steam Name: Character Name: Faction Name: Faction Background: Requested Type/Rackets(1 Only): Anything Else We Should Know?: Banner: (1200x200)
  4. BETA 1.2v *This is not the finished version please wait until release for the finished version* Welcome To Hostage Roleplay! Please start off by naming yourself and adding a description to your character! Keybinds: T (Hold) - Surrender F1 - Thirdperson F2 - Ability System F4 - Jobs menu Rules: General Rules __________________ Overthrown Rule: If two people have a gun pointed at you. You must surrender holding T. (This links with the FearRP rule) During a breach, neither side is force to follow this rule. Breach Rule: When a breach is active everyone is KOS to T's except fellow T's until the end Gun Point Rule: if a gun is pointed towards to someone with no firing weapons they must follow orders from the person with the gun (Links with FearRP) Use Common Sense Disrespecting staff is not allowed in any shape or form Staff have the final say in a situation Don't be mingey Toxicity will not be allowed Racism is not allowed Spamming voice will not be allowed Scamming of another user will not be allowed No loopholes or manipulating rules Meta Gaming will not be allowed (Using information that your roleplay character wouldn't know about.) Asking for high ranks on the server will not be allowed Player targeting will not be allowed unless it's used under a roleplay form Self supply is not allowed and will have your character perma killed. Spamming of chat will not be allowed Bind Testing will not be allowed Adverting Chains will not be allowed (Ex: /advert escape/execute/breach) Trolling will not be allowed Propkilling will result in a jail Hostage Rules ________________ As a hostage, you're a student that attends Oakland Highschool. Your school is now under lockdown because terrorists have over taken the school. Your main goal is to escape the building. You're just a human so it's not much you can do. You follow the orders of the T's as they can take your life in the matter of seconds. You have a calm mind about the situation as the teachers are there with you. You can not attempt to escape when a terrorist has vision on you (This would be considered FearRP) During a breach hostages do not have to listen to Terrorist. You must follow directions of a terrorist when a gun is pointed at you Terrorist are allowed to kill you when you exit the building unless order too. You must listen to the teacher when in class and a terrorist is present. Randomly Punching will not be allowed Punching T's is considered FearRP Counter Terrorist Rules _________________________ You work as the civil protection of Oakland. You and your team have received a call about a hostage situation at Oakland Highschool. The mayor is no where to be seen as you are left with this situation alone. You want to get all the hostages out safely as you are last thing on your mind is killing the T's. You are not allowed to enter the school before a breach unless you're under the S.I.S and the F.B.I Director or F.B.I Director Assistant orders a silent breach. You are not allowed to kill another CT unless you are forced to by the T's if you're a POW (Prisoner Of War) Overthrown rules takes place when two CT's surrounds a T with guns You are not allowed to fire at a T inside a building unless ordered to by a Sergeant or higher When a breach is active you must kill all T's please do not delay. You may be warned for this. When a silent breach is active you can't alert any T's (You may kill them silently, but if they find you then you must leave.) You may not constantly ask to be train into the S.I.S, F.B.I or S.W.A.T If you're not ordered to be at the school you must stay at the Police Department (Sergeant+ can give these commands) When at the police department you should be training with the highest rank there. Don't spam flashbangs If you are caught on the terrorist frequency as a PD Member, you will be un-whitelisted and forced to hostage Terrorist Rules ________________ You have successfully taken over Oakland Highschool with all of its students and faculty. You want to prevent the Hostages (students) from escaping. You also want to prevent the Police and F.B.I from taking over. You may not kill Hostages unless you have a legitimate RP reason. (Hostage damaging you, Hostage escaping, Hostage not obeying orders, Teacher asking you to execute a disruptive student) You are not allowed to leave the school area unless a hostage is escaping. If two or more officers are pointing their guns at you, you must surrender (considered FailRP) You may not kill your fellow Terrorists If you are going to execute a hostage, you must /advert execute. There is a cooldown of 10 minutes. Don't spam flashbangs If you are caught on the police frequency as a Terrorist, you will be un-whitelisted and forced to hostage Teacher Rules _______________ You are a normal teacher in a hostage situation. You don't really care about escaping, and just want to teach your students. You are not allowed to escape Do not abuse the ability point system Stick to your class time (Don't be a gym teacher teaching a science class) Don't abuse the whiteboards Don't abuse the Detention SWEP If a breach happens, the teachers main goal is to protect their students by either helping them escape or help them hide. ACRONYM LIST ________________ NITRP - No Intent To RP RDM - Random Deathmatch RDA - Random Arrest NLR - New Life Rule LTAP - Leaving to Avoid Punishment FailRP - Failing to roleplay in a situation FearRP - Failing to roleplay the fear of a character RP - Roleplay AFK - Away from keyboard RF - Random Flashbang Future Plans: _________________ New Map Bug Fixing Revamping old things More to come...