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  1. Denied You have been demoted three times which unfortunately is the limit. (X-X-X) Thread Closed.
  2. Denied Little effort made into making an application and requirements not met. You may re-apply in 2 days. Thread Closed.
  3. It's good to see you here again, i'm glad you came back but I suggest getting to know the current staff so that they will know how you are as a player and possibly how you will be as a staff member. Due to your short time as staff and it being so long ago I don't remember how good you were myself so my response is neutral but I wish you the best of luck!
  4. I'm just gonna lock this since there's a new one up. Thread Closed.
  5. Well if it isn't the guy who broke the economy.
  6. Pending DM Savage on discord for your interview. Thread still open to +/- reps.
  7. I'll let @TheStraightUpSavage have the deciding vote on this one if he thinks otherwise but for now i'll put it on Pending. DM Savage on discord for your interview. Thread still open to +/- reps.
  8. Denied Become more known within the community before re-applying. Thread Closed.
  9. Denied Wrong place to apply for developer. Thread Closed.
  10. Denied We have the hours set so that we know you have a clear understanding of the game itself, the same goes for previous staff experience. Get your hours up and knowledge of gmod and staffing before re-applying. Thread Closed.
  11. Denied Ban expired and it seems like it was deserved. Thread Closed.
  12. Denied Improve your reputation to stand a chance at becoming staff. Thread Closed.
  13. Denied Over warn limit, bad reputation and weak application. You may re-apply in 3 days. Thread Closed.
  14. Pending DM me or Savage on discord for your interview. Thread Still open to +/- reps.
  15. Accepted The situation has been dealt with accordingly. If this happens again, you can contact me about it and I will resolve this personally. Thread Closed.
  16. Denied Ban Expired. No evidence provided. Thread Closed.
  17. Denied Ban expired and justified. Thread Closed.
  18. That would still be breaking NLR... NLR is not just an area thing its the fact that you're supposed to forgot what happened in your previous life, which to me it seems like you did not.
  19. You don't show up as being banned, try this link: https://discord.gg/UMZPBj2
  20. Denied Ban was justified as you were being a corrupt cop. Thread Closed.
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