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  1. +/- Rep. Although he advertised it to me, he didn't ask to give a good Rep. His application is poor but hes a great member of the community
  2. -rep. Mass RDM is Mass RDM. No accidents there
  3. +rep. A great guy and can will make a great staff
  4. - Rep. Don't ask admins to put reps on it
  5. @TaterT0T can I get your steam ID and I can check Logs
  6. He was AFK as mayor in spawn using slots and nothing else. I should have went to check him first but it's still against the rules to be mayor in spawn since you can gamble all the money you earn as mayor
  7. +/- Rep. I know nothing about this.
  8. -rep. No evidence and no more info
  9. -rep 40 chances gone down the drain
  10. -rep. There should have been an admin sit but it's one day.