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  1. Ok uhhh... He is a kid don’t hold that against him on a trusted app. If a Staff App then yea sure. He is a good kid. 100% Improving but saying “Needs to be more mature” as a kid it’s like feeding a fish tuna while it drowns in water with a alligator doing 360. +REP Definitely Deserves a chance
  2. +REP We should give him a Second Chance
  3. +REP Mature Very active alot of interactions chill dude funny amazing to hang around
  4. -REP Lets see improvement the next week or 2. And I’m sure that the other staff members if they see your improvement they would be more then happy to +REP
  5. +REP Good guy Active Good Interactions Chill Dude
  6. -/+ There is proof against you. But maybe 2 day ban decrease
  7. We will. But where gonna be adding a different one. Since that one is fucked
  8. +REP Yes just remove that warn. He should of gotten a verbel at first.
  9. +REP Very Active All but good interactions Chill Dude
  10. +REP Chill Dude Funny Guy Very Active But next time you make a application don’t advertise
  11. -/+ Not to many interactions But good app
  12. I mean it does not mean that he deserves a Perma Ban
  13. -REP You are under aged, And you do not have Trusted.
  14. +REP Very Active! All but good interactions Chill dude Fun to RP With! ** Heart My Post **
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