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  1. +REP Real Talk He been a good player No RDM's Very Active Respectful Haven't been in a sit in 2 Years Has only 2 Warns. Wow. I think Mason deserves Senior Admin
  2. +REP I agree with kiwi. I am also very Bias!
  3. Discord name: Justpatchee#IDK Suggestion: Adding New Printers and Miners Description: It would be maddd lit to have new sources of money and more fun sources of money you know? Reason: Cuz it would be madd lit Link/Example: (delete if you don't have one)
  4. +REP Come Back Bro! And You Are one of the most Active players! You gon be Prestige 2 T-Mod Cuz you resigned from Admin
  5. +REP Bring my boy back yes sir. He a goat. He madd good at staffing. Bossy but that what makes him good trying to get all the staff straight helping out the other staff members. He deserves to get accepted!
  6. -REP Hawk, Said it him self. That's not good dawg. Idk man. If they should give you another chance or not. I mean you can try and prove yourself.
  7. +REP Chill Kid Active AF And just give him trusted. He obv been putting a lot of effort in getting trusted
  8. +REP I would definitely give him a second chance. Even though he RDMedx16 He should get unbanned.
  9. +REP I would give him a chance. He is a chill dude. even though he is 14 he is mature. I would give him a chance Just be a little more active. Idk if you are. But when im on havent seen you on
  10. -REP Seems like it was a Stressful Situation. 5 People yelling at him at once. I would yell back aswell xD?? "goes into cloak for no reason, and will be in admin for no reason," There is always a reason. And the reason was probably he was watching PD or watching someone. Even though he can use Cloak anytime he wants unless he is RPing or he is abusing his power. Which i have hard to believe. And there is always a reason someone is in Admin Mode. But sometimes we do forget to get out of Admin Mode its a common mistake happen to me many many times.
  11. Ok uhhh... He is a kid don’t hold that against him on a trusted app. If a Staff App then yea sure. He is a good kid. 100% Improving but saying “Needs to be more mature” as a kid it’s like feeding a fish tuna while it drowns in water with a alligator doing 360. +REP Definitely Deserves a chance
  12. +REP We should give him a Second Chance
  13. +REP Mature Very active alot of interactions chill dude funny amazing to hang around
  14. -REP Lets see improvement the next week or 2. And I’m sure that the other staff members if they see your improvement they would be more then happy to +REP
  15. +REP Good guy Active Good Interactions Chill Dude
  16. -/+ There is proof against you. But maybe 2 day ban decrease
  17. We will. But where gonna be adding a different one. Since that one is fucked
  18. +REP Yes just remove that warn. He should of gotten a verbel at first.
  19. +REP Very Active All but good interactions Chill Dude
  20. +REP Chill Dude Funny Guy Very Active But next time you make a application don’t advertise
  21. -/+ Not to many interactions But good app
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