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Found 4 results

  1. 1: Name: not sure if IRL name or not so uh Stephen 2: In Game name: Kevin Sauerkraut, Was also Darth Kermit and Wall-E for a time 3: SteamID: STEAM_1:1:195128822 4: Reason for Ban: Mass RDM 5: Ban time: It looks like its permanent 6: Staff Member who banned you: It was almost exactly a year ago so im not sure 7: Reason why you feel you should be unbanned: Well, besides the fact that almost a year has passed, im a pretty different person. joined the army. Actually got banned like 2 days before leaving for basic as I was just wanting to get all that immaturity out. But now im out of training and at my first duty station, and this was the server i had the most fun on, so uh, here i am! 8: Do you regret breaking the Server Rules ( unless Falsely Banned 😞😞) Definitely not falsely banned, i broke the rules big time, and yeah it was pretty immature to go ruin the experience for others. I have no plans to do that again and do regret it 9. Evidence (Required): I can't really supply evidence as there was no wrongdoing on anyones part but my own.
  2. 1: Name: TookADip (USN peepoo on steam as of right now) 2: In Game name: TookADip 3: SteamID STEAM_0:1:190748907 4: Reason for Ban: Extreme suspition of wallhacking 5: Ban time: Perm 6: Staff Member who banned you: TheStraightUpPoop 7: Reason why you feel you should be unbanned: Because after all this time, i still don't believe i was wall hacking. Many points brought up that i was walling was refuted by me yet i was still banned. Its been a few months and i think its worth it to make an appeal and start anew on NeonLink. Even though this appeal might get -1'ed and declined. From my side of the story, a big base wars event was being hosted. Fast forward to the end, and My base dupe was removed. Everyone (bases and people) to the left of me (i was on the bottom right corner) was killed. There was only 2 other people left to the top right/left corners. I immediately go to an empty base in the middle and scout out the top right. I find someone and snipe them down. I then go towards the top left corner and scout out and hear for anyone. I find one and camp with my sniper, if i remember right if i heard anything behind any of the walls given to use by staff for protection and to make it easier to shoot and hide i shoot it. I get a few shots and he jumps with a lightsaber overhead of me and i see him go backwards. I follow him to the top right corner and get him real low. I turn around as he makes a jump and (again if im remembering right) face behind me and didnt see anyone. So i assume he goes to the right (or left of me when i was backwards) and go down there. Lightsabers have a glitch where if you're healing yourself behind a prop and you're really close to it those looking at the prop can see the healing images prop up and i knew exactly where he was and sniped him. Staff deleted all the props and everyone said i was walling. During the sit i wasn't allowed to talk to anyone, everyone ignored me and at the end all the staff came up and said that we'll listen to you (literally at the end, and my defnese didn't matter because during the time where everyone was ignoring me they already decided through "videos" that weren't shown to me at all) and i told them what happend. One staff whose name i forgot but did a base event where if you raided them successfully you would get a prize, and i won the raid. brought up my raid calling it "suspicious" when after the raid happend (it wasn't even that long ago) they didn't say anything about how it was suspicious and one of them was even talking about how he got killed by me sniping them. and then lockpicking. One other staff said that "during a pd raid i was also suspicious" but never brought up what pd raid, what dupe they were using, and when. All in all, this ban doesn't feel right and it was just based on suspicion. I wished i was recording so i could show exactly what i was doing but i wasn't and that hurt my position. I was a good member of the community and just having it taken away simply because of my actions during a 1v1 in a base wars isn't right. I can only hope this appeal gets accepted after all these months. 8: Do you regret breaking the Server Rules ( unless Falsely Banned 😞😞 I believe i was falsely banned. 9. Evidence (Required): The only evidence i have is the ban picture. I wasn't recording at the time nor taking any screenshots and even if i did it wouldnt be saved as i did a few wipes on my laptop due to issues.
  3. I can explane so on the day that I called Imoose "retarted" I was in a bad mood, besides that what happened was moose was mass RDMing everyone for 2 days before he became admin so I was mad at that, and the fact that he was still mass RDMing everyone even the the day after he became admin. Now the reason why I leaked pazus phone number is because he leaked my phone number ,my face,and my address when I was getting the roll of admin because he dosen't like me (Now I know him in person) and he got a army to take my roll away so thats why I did that. and I will admit I was jealous. So im sorry moose and the other people I offended by calling him that do not take it presonally like I said I was just mad. and I at lest request to have a 1 week ban because 2 WEEKS NOW THATS A LONG TIME and that fact that vip can do what ever they want at this point so plz under stand. p.s. 15$ TO GET UNBANED WWWWWWEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSLLLLLLLLLLLLEEEEYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!! P.P.S i don't have a light saiber so squillim was lieing about that.
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