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Information About Staff

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Here's What You Should Know About Trying To Get Or Being Staff

When Getting Staff

  • You need to meet all requirements on the format
    • Lenient when it comes to hours on GMOD (Not Server)
  • You need to study the MOTD
  • Need to study Staff Punishments
    • Both will be linked at the bottom of the page
  • If put on pending you will be interviewed about both
  • You will be trained on how to be staff, don't stress about it

Responsibilities As Staff

  • Being on the server at the least once every other day
  • Taking sits
  • Replying to forums
  • Active on the Discord (Responding to users, DarkRP-Call-Admins, etc)


  • Free VIP Access (Only as staff, not if demoted or resigned)
  • Staff Upgrade on printers
  • Behind the scenes of the server (A Whole New World - Classified)
  • Staff team is like a big family
  • More responsibilities (If you're a workaholic)
  • Seen as a role-model in the community

How To Get Staff Taken Away

  • Abusing
  • Biasness (Treating users differently than others)
    • Ex: Angered with one, siblings, friends, other staff
      • All players are to be treated the same
  • Unprofessional-ism (Disrespecting, RDM wars, lying, poor sit quality, inactive)

If you have any further more questions feel free to message the Advisor or Community Overseer on Discord (It won't bother us, it's our job)



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