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ban appeal

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in-game name: ccc dankcaillou 

steamid: (im not sure how to find my steam id)

ban reason: nitr 

ban time: 3 days 

reason why you feel you should be unbanned: because the dogs were raiding pd and i just became a dog as the admin teleported them over i got killed by a cop once after runing out of spawn as the dog but i never attacked anyone shot anyone or lockpicked any door as a dog or pull out a gun i literally only died 

do you regret braking the rules: i feel like i was fassely banned and i usually try to follow the rules on the server 

evidence:check the logs i never even damaged anyone i like literally was the dog for like two seconds and got banned 

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1 hour ago, dankcaillou420 said:

Like I was literally my just trying to socialize with some randoms as a dog man wtf 


Aight if you're going to spam and down talk the server then -rep not smart move

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-REP You put in a ban appeal then you spam it and disrespect staff, Then you expect us to +rep your ban appeal. Not a smart move, your better than that. i honestly think his ban should be extended.





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What i am going to say is +/- rep. 

The distrespectful responses does not help and the spamming but it shows you care in my opinion.

I am okay with the least of reducing the ban or even just unbanning but I dont fully know the situation and havent heard from the staff who banned you.

I dont know who banned you I believe it may be @Kronk so if you could explain the situation here that would be great. (or anyone that was there staff wise that knows the situation)

Again spamming doesnt help so please stay calm so we can work this out.

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Clearly he really want to be unbanned but your action is kind of un-forgivable and you response are immature... I'm going to +REP because I wish to see you as a active player on the DarkRP.

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