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Ban Appeal - Hanz Doofenshmurtz

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In-game name: Hanz Doofenshmurtz

SteamID: STEAM_0:0:84765259

Ban reason: Advertising Cheat/Mic Spamming

Ban time: 5 days 

Staff member who banned you: Unkong

Reason why you feel you should be unbanned:  I only advertised twice and it was a harmless joke in my mind. And yea I mic spammed saying "person" sucks at deathmatch over and over but I did stop the frequency of me saying it only a few times and stopped after the final warning

Do you regret breaking the rules: yea im really sorry I didnt think what  I did was too serious because I only micspammed in deathmatch and not the live game so  Ithought it wouldn't be as bad and I was wrong. But I would like to point out that the people reporting me didnt ask me to stop first they just reported it. I think that is slightly unfair because if I knew how many other people were mad about it I would have stopped alot sooner. 

Evidence: none

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+/- Rep So as soon as you join you started minging  and been told to stop countless times but i do belive u should get a second chance but if you do it again i think u deserve the ban. - DUCKO

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I told you not to joke about advertising cheats but you continued to after I warned you/I had to verbally warn you several times to stop saying "You suck at deathmatch" over and over and I steadily received reports about you saying it and mic spamming in !dm after you said you stopped.



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