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All Job Names & Commands

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What is this and what do you use it for?

This is a document of all the commands to become all of the different jobs
Or make a vote if needed
If you don't want to go into the F4 menu and click your job you can type these commands in chat
Staff can use this for !setjob for when a player is afk, or to demote a certain player from their job
In the future there will be a command to !jobban players from a certain job and can use this thread as a reference

Civil Protection:
Bank Manager: /bank
K9: /policedog
Mayor: /mayor
Police Chief: /policechief
Police Officer: police
S.W.A.T: /swat
S.W.A.T. Leader: /swatleader

Gangs & Clubs
Anarchist Leader: /anarleader
Anarchist Member: /anarchist
Bloodz Leader: /bloodsleader
Bloodz Member: /bloodshi
Cripz Leader: /cripsleader
Cripz Member: /cripsmember
Cult Leader: /cultleader
Cult Member: /cult

Thieves and Crooks:
Drug Dealer: /drugdealer
Gun Dealer: /gundealer
Hacker: /hacker
Hitman: /hitman
ISIS: /isis
Meth Cook: /zmlab_methcook
Parkour Thief: / (Literally just /)
Pimp: /pimp
Prostitute: /prostitute
Sketchy Medic: /sketchymedic
Spy: /spy
Thief: /thief
Weed Grower: /zwf_weedgrower

Assassin: /assassin
Black Market Dealer: /blackmarket
Business Man: /businessman
Hobo King: /hoboking
Jason Voorhees: /jasonv
Pedo Bear: /pedobear
Pro Hitman: /prohitman
Pro-Thief: /prothief
S.W.A.T. Heavy: /swatheavy
S.W.A.T. Medic: /swatmedic
S.W.A.T. Sniper: /swatsniper
Terrorist: /terrorist

Citizen: /citizen
DJ: /zld_juniordesigner
DJ - Master: /zld_masterdesigner
Fight Club Host: /fight
Fruit Slicer: /fruitslicer
Gold Digger: /zgw_golddigger
Hobo: /hobo
Lego Yoda: /legoyoda
Medic: /medic
Oil Driller: /aom2
Pet: /pet
Private Security: /privatesecurity
Punk Boy: /punkboy
Trashman: /ztm_trashman

(If you need the command to your CC just message ✪Hawk#6314 on discord)

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