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Buck's Trusted App

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In-game name: Buck

Discord name: Buck#3855

SteamID: STEAM_0:0:539995503

Hours on server: 700+ or something

Reason you love NeonLink: Neonlink is pog, I like the community, I've been trusted before but I made a mistake and I learned from it, I like the staff team, in fact as I'm writing this, I am vibing with some of them. I like to hang out with a lot of people from the community. This community is great, I have made many friends and I would like to be trusted again. I also might try to be staff again (If I don't get insta denied).

Are you on more during day or night: Both sometimes

Do you agree if you are deemed untrustworthy you will lose your trusted rank and have to reapply: Yes

How many total warns do you have: 1

How many active warns do you have: 1

Do you have VIP:  Yessir

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  • Buck changed the title to Buck's Trusted App

+REP He's a good person and hes fun to talk to and knows all the rules


Main forum picture.jpg


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He said he would murder my family if i didnt change my -REP help please :(
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+Rep DOPE dude can’t believe you don’t have trusted already I really hope you get it!!!



Really cool and chill dude don’t think I’ve ever seen him in a real sit!

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I think he is deserving of the trusted role and he has changed a lot for the better. Kinda rdms me, but I give him a spanking and he learns after that.


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You now have access to Advanced Duplicator 2 and the Lego Yoda job. You can also reply to forum posts and apply for staff.

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