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In-game name: Phrog

Discord name: (Ex. Azazel#0069) Phrog#6918

SteamID: (Ex. STEAM_0:0:84113529) 76561198843307861

Hours on server: (48 hours required)  312 hours

Reason you love NeonLink: (100 words) I think neon link is a fun server that is well organized and managed. I personally use the server as a fun way to interact with others and become friends with people that i might never actually meet.  Being able to participate more within the community by becoming trusted would allow me to become even more engaged within the server. I also enjoy the community, i think the people are fun, wild.  The admins are fair, but friendly. I feel that ive been somewhat accepted in the community, and getting trusted would benifit me in a way that would boost my experience in this server.

Are you on more during day or night: day

Do you agree if you are deemed untrustworthy you will lose your trusted rank and have to reapply: I agree

How many total warns do you have: 1

How many active warns do you have: 0

Do you have VIP: yes

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+Rep He advertised as a funny but I feel he put good effort into this trusted application and it shouldn't be lost by people who didn't see and realize that it was a joke

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I agree On Zelda here.

I would +rep but imma follow the rules as it is ,  imma -Rep for now because of advertisement no hard feelings Phrog. Do re-apply and I will definitely change my vote or might change my vote on others opinion.

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5 hours ago, ZIGGY said:

-Rep Advertised in a neonlink vc, with 3 staff and 6 players and a gay guy (flyguy)



Advertising applications isn't allowed sorry phrog

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