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False Banned Me Just

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1: Your Steam Name:  ArTi

2: Your SteamID: STEAM_0:1:68979330

3: Staff Member's Name:  ZIGGY

4: Staff Member you are Reporting SteamID:  ZIGGY

5: Explain your Side of the Situation: So, i grew weed with my friend roast 'em in our base, while both of us are in a discord call, and we were joking around so he went to sell weed and asked me to come with him, so i sold the pallete instead of him as a joke, and he had a laugh aswell and wasn't mad, then he said like he's calling an admin as a joke, admin came and asked me to give it back but i didn't know how much to drop since i don't remember how much the pallete was, so i told him to check logs, after that i dropped roast em some money so we can flip, and a guy that annoyed me for the whole day and i made sit about him but none took em, came up to me and called me israeli in a racist way with accent, and rdmd me, ziggy only warned him for rdm, while in the sit the person said that i have a dark skin, and continue on saying look at him he is israeli, in a racist mean way, and said none "likes me since im israeli" and told ziggy to warn me just because im israeli, which it's obvious that he says it in a racist way. basically harrased me but ziggy did nothing with it so i 1 stard him, and then he rdmd me again so i called a sit but ziggy didn't take it since i did 1 star to him. the person was obviously racist to me, the sit wasn't false since i felt like he's saying it in a racist way, and if you will hear the record you will get what i mean, stole weed without advert - its my friend we were joking in a discord call, mass minge - nothing with what i did was minging. nitrp? - i was growing weed inside me and roast 'em's base. all the ban reasons were false.

6: Evidence (Required): Got a video

7: Any other Details:

unknown (1).png

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*Fix* Roast em didnt call an admin, ziggy was around there and switched to admin mode and said that he can actually warn me for that*

* Roast em and me were laughing, roast em opened the mic ingame and said as a joke give me my money back and ziggy that was around there as a civ heared it and handled it without anyone calling a sit or reporting *

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4 hours ago, Que? said:

+/- rep I agree with waffle unless you have any proof I can’t say anything sorry man a ban screen doesn’t help the situation. Good luck


16 hours ago, The Mystic Waffle said:

There is no evidence put the vid down -REP

I would, but the video is like 5gb so it's too big for here, waiting for azazel or someone to come see the video in discord dms

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2 hours ago, Lycan said:

its not hard to cut a video down to the point it happened, you can do it in your basic pre installed video recording/gallery so i can find this BS


Also you have a history of this so


It's not to the point it happened, its a whole 5 minutes, its the way the sit was handled and etc, so its not 10 seconds. 

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5 minutes.... that is at most 150 MB, running at 1080p for and if you were running at 4k the most it would be 600 MB, SO either

A you dont have ANY video or

B you are just that lazy to cut a video down


Send the video

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