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Falsely Banned

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In-game name: Tuna Fish

SteamID: (Ex. STEAM_0:0:84113529) STEAM_0:1:68979330

Ban reason:  Mass minge, nitrp, stole weed no advert, false sits, 1 star for no reason, called raicsm when someone wasnt

Ban time:  4 days

Staff member who banned you: ZIGGY

Reason why you feel you should be unbanned:  I was falsely banned. So, i grew weed with my friend roast 'em in our base, while both of us are in a discord call, and we were joking around so he went to sell weed and asked me to come with him, so i sold the pallete instead of him as a joke, and he had a laugh aswell and wasn't mad, he said give me my weed back as a joke in the voice chat ingame, ziggy was around and without roast em reporting ziggy switched to admin mode and said "i can actually warn him for that" and handled this without anyone calling a sit. told me to drop the money but i didn't know how much to drop since i don't remember how much the pallete was, so i told him to check logs, after that i dropped roast em some money so we can flip, and a guy that annoyed me for the whole day and i made sit about him but none took em, came up to me and called me israeli in a racist way with accent, and rdmd me, ziggy only warned him for rdm, while in the sit the person said that i have a dark skin, and continue on saying look at him he is israeli, in a racist mean way, and said none "likes me since im israeli" and told ziggy to warn me just because im israeli, which it's obvious that he says it in a racist way. basically harrased me but ziggy did nothing with it so i 1 stard him, and then he rdmd me again so i called a sit but ziggy didn't take it since i did 1 star to him. the person was obviously racist to me, the sit wasn't false since i felt like he's saying it in a racist way, and if you will hear the record you will get what i mean, stole weed without advert - its my friend we were joking in a discord call, mass minge - nothing with what i did was minging. nitrp? - i was growing weed inside me and roast 'em's base. all the ban reasons were false.

Do you regret breaking the rules: (Unless falsely banned) Falsely banned

Evidence:  Video evidence.

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-Rep, i have a photo of you making a false sit, you 1 stared a sit after i did everything you asked, i have video of you selling someone elses weed without asking or adverting steal, and calling someone by their nationality , isn't racism so no it wasn't a false ban

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