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BLUTO's Warn appeal

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In-game name: BLUTO


Ban reason: (this is a warn) RDM

Ban time:  N/A.

Staff member who banned you: Ziggy (just doing his job im not mad)

Reason why you feel you should be unbanned:  my game was glitched and I saw moneybags on Tuna Fish. Tuna just wanted to see me warned too.

Do you regret breaking the rules: (Unless falsely banned)


this has all evidence of the server glitching and Tuna Fish being killed

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+rep visual bug, remove the warn


P.S. Rdm is my job not Blutos

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+REP I've seen that one before and its really misleading especially if you kill someone who is easily gets butthurt.
Bluto did you just say "When did I advert Bank Raid Wyeth?"

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