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In-game name:  Mintee (Apart of the AC faction)

Discord name: (Ex. Azazel#0069) Mintee#3537

SteamID: (Ex. STEAM_0:0:84113529)  https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198354882096/

Hours on server: (48 hours required)  313 hours on record starting this year. 

Reason you love NeonLink: (100 words) Well, I do love Neon Link as it is a great server with a good community. Ever since I came back I have met all the new staff and some old friends and new ones as well. I had even joined a faction so far and had met more people and became friends with them. Neon Link has great staff work and they take care of their jobs and duties quickly and easily. They also know when to have fun and let loose a little which is amazing to have! Neon Link has offered me over 300+ Hours of online fun with more people. Any other server just seems old and regular but the jobs and building spaces and ideas are amazing. No matter what the community is always active and can easily be realized and focused as fun and creative.  I honestly don't think I could ask for a better community and I regret for doing what I did to it last year. Though I'm more then happy to be back here and playing with all my amazing friends and hanging out around with the staff team and such! Thanks for having me after wipe! 

Are you on more during day or night:  I'm on both, But more on day during school nights and usually throughout the days and nights on weekends. 

Do you agree if you are deemed untrustworthy you will lose your trusted rank and have to reapply:  I understand as I have already lost it though I see myself as worthy again because I have matured over the year. 

How many total warnings do you have:  Zero Warnings In Total. 

How many active warnings do you have:  Zero Active In Total.

Do you have VIP:  Yes ever since 2019 I believe. 

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Pretty cool mans, kinda mingy, but funny.

-Ziggy's Friend

Actually -Rep man

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