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In-game name:  Owners Panda

Discord name: Owners Panda#1690

SteamID: STEAM_0:1:224820035

Hours on server: Game states I have 26 hours played on the server, but I have over 24 hours, since I have played on this server for a while(Hours Reset).

Reason you love NeonLink: The reason I love NeonLink is because most of the players are very fun to play with. And the Helper, Mods, and Admins are all very friendly. Furthermore, NeonLink has a brilliant distinguishable type of server, that most servers do not have. NeonLink's admins are professional in the way they handle all situations, and for most people, that can be a hard thing to do. The best thing about NeonLink is that all of its Helpers make sure everyone follows the rules, and there are not that many players in the server, which do not follow the rules.  In my opinion, NeonLink is one of the best DarkRp servers to play on.

Are you on more during day or night: I am online more during the day.

Do you agree if you are deemed untrustworthy you will lose your trusted rank and have to reapply: Indeed, I agree all the way if I am deemed untrustworthy, and my rank taken away.

How many total warnings do you have: 0

How many active warnings do you have: 0

Do you have VIP: Ineed, I do have Vip.

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Not too many interactions but they were pretty good, I think you are trustworthy

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You now have access to Advanced Duplicator 2 and the Lego Yoda job. You can also reply to forum posts and apply for staff.

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