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Warn Appeal

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In-game name:  LittleMisterMr15

SteamID: (Ex. STEAM_0:0:84113529) STEAM_0:0:54238827

warn reason :  Terror in a sit area

Staff member who warned you:  I'm Cleep

Reason why you feel you should have the warn removed: because their was no sit going on and this was before the staff was told that people can terror on roof tops as long as their isn't a sit going

Do you regret breaking the rules: (Unless falsely banned) i never broken the rule it just needs to be removed cause their was no sit going on during the terror I did.

Evidence:  image.thumb.png.8b733a9cfeca14fb1c3dcd4aa7012c8c.png

Edited January 6 by Azazel

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+REP I mean staff shouldn't have to have been told that. Also it was before and since the rule is no longer applicable I don't see any issue with it being removed.

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