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Kryptonic Has Erectile Dysfunction

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In-Game Name: Kryptonic Pastaroni

Discord Name (eg: John#1234): Mikerophonez#7331 (Kryptonic in Discord)

SteamID (Not SteamID64): STEAM_0:0:175155781

Age (15+ Req.): 16

Timezone: EST

When are you most available? (Day/Night): Both, really depends on when I am up, but I can get on if needed.

How many hours per day can you be active in our community? 4-7

How long have you been a part of our community? late 2017 is when I started to get into the server.

How much play time do you have on the server? (3d Req.): 746 hours I believe

Have you ever been a staff member or a related role on another community? (Req.): I have been staff on Neonlink was previously JA

Why would you like to become a member of the DarkRP Staff Team? (150 words): I'm pretty acquainted with the rules and how they work/how to enforce them. I have a lot of experience in staffing, I have been staff neonlink, and another gmod server that has since closed down. I have some pretty good relationships with staff and players I believe and I think we could all get along and help each other out. I know I can make everyone's lives a little bit easier by taking up some hours and taking a few sits for them (if they wanted me to of course). For probably the most important/main reason why I want to be a staff member, the server is fun and I think I could help make it better and give a helping hand which is in need from what I can see, I'm sure more staff is always helpful. I want to see NeonLink succeed because the server is fun and this is the first DarkRp server I have played on and I would hate to see it go.

What makes you a better choice over other applicants? (150 words):I have quite a bit of experience with staffing gmod servers and staffing in general. I believe that I am a better choice because of my hours IRL, I can be on at any time because I take online schooling and can be on literally any time of any day (unless I’m on holiday/emergencies). I have quite a bit of time and experience on the server and on gmod and I believe I have enough experience to make a great staff member. The amount of hours and experience I have on gmod and on the server is one thing that I think could make me a better candidate for a staff member, considering I was a staff member once before but I think my people skills will come to be a big play in staffing as well, I have seen a few staff members get mad at one particular person and it can end up being biased and that's the last thing we need. I believe I am more mature than most people when It comes to being serious, but I can take a joke and have a good time as well and these are the few reasons why I think I could be a great staff member.

Do you promise not to abuse your powers in any shape or form?: Yes

How many hours in Garry's Mod? (300 Req.): 1,300

What your favorite animal? (Optional): Ball Python

How many warns do you have and how many are active? (Less than 5 total and 0 Active Req.): 0? or something who knows

Are you trusted? (Req.): Yes

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Posted (edited)


Very Racist

Very Homophobic

Very Minge


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Racist he will fit just right in with the staff team if he stays that way!

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+rep yeah sure

On 2/18/2021 at 3:57 PM, The Mystic Waffle said:

+REP cozzel was falsly banned. You can talk shit about VTX, You can talk shit about any faction it really doesn't matter it's not like he's targeting a person or people. He just doesn't like VTX. In that first clip it was solved about 2 weeks ago and after he said that i told him not to do that. In the second clip you can clearly see he's just messing with them and again you can talk shit about factions. In the last picture how is it playertargeting he Meant there was a dead body in his base (the VTX member). in that last vid he shot at him, it could be by mistake but that is not player targeting. I honestly wanna talk about this situation with Azazel or hawk. In my opinion I just think the VTX members are playertargeting the ZEAL factions and here is the proof they made a whole channel in there discord called #zeal ban channel. To be honest it looks like the VTX members are targeting cozzel

In that last picture you can see pixit talking shit and cozzel responding back i asked him about it he said " i aint no bitch if he wanna talk shit ill talk shit too."

as soon as i invited (anonymous) to the VTX discord he put the zeal ban channel into hidden 


Also i have seen VTX members seek out cozzel trying to get him banned but i dont have any evidence of that But i am pretty sure half the staff team has seen vtx members go after cozzel trying to get him banned/warned.

i hope this is enough to get cozzel unbanned because he clearly got falsly banned.

i know some people don't like cozzel but it doesn't mean we should ban him for no reason






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