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Acezx/Twisted | Staff Application

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In-game name: rAcezx

Discord name: (Ex. Azazel#0069) Acezx#9497

SteamID: (Ex. STEAM_0:0:84113529) STEAM_1:1:455634336

Age: (Required 15+) 14, literally a month from being 15

Time zone:  PST ( Pacific Standard Time )

When are you most available: (Day or night) Day, but soon Day and Night due to summer is coming up in a few days.

How many hours per day can you be active in our community: Every day probably a max of 10-13 hours a day.

How long have you been a part of our community:  I have been apart of Neonlink since 2019 around December. I took a break around the middle of 2020 to start my own servers on different games. Now, I am taking a break from it for a while in the meantime I wish to help other people, and work IRL for future plans.

How much play time do you have on the server:  (72 hours required) 240+ Hours. Not in-game at the moment.

Have you ever been a staff member or a related role on another community:  Although I have never been a staff member apart of any Garry's Mod Servers, but I have plenty of experience of being staff on other games such as Rust, Unturned, ARK, and more.

Why would you like to become a member of the DarkRP Staff Team: (150 words) I would like to become apart of the Dark RP staff because I find that I could possibly be of use to this server, and from me returning from my vacation/break I have met a lot of old people I have met back in 2019-2020, and to be completely honest I would like to learn something new, and be able to use my experience as being a staff member on Garry's Mod servers and use that for future plans if I do launch my Network again. 

But, the main reason why I would like to become a staff member roughly is; I would like to become a staff member to be able to use my skills/experience I have used on other games against other people, and try and make it a little bit more peaceful and trying to keep it as neutral as possible, and I would like to be able to try and stay neutral as possible as a Staff Member, and as a normal Neonlink Member. I wouldn't say I would be 100% qualified because I have done some stuff in the past that I deeply regret, and I am someone who likes to joke around a lot. But, I do know when, and when not to be serious once I get to know you. Also, from what I have noticed from me staffing for servers in the pass is that at the beginning I am normally serious, a bit too serious but once I start getting used to the field I start to calm down and just hangout with people, and in a whole just help people, and be able to enforce the rules to make sure the servers stay in tact.

What makes you a better choice over other applicants: (150 words) I wouldn't say I would be better than other staff one bit, we all have our Pros, and Cons especially with myself. I wouldn't say everyone would find me a great person, and even myself agree with that. I don't, and will not feel affected by any emotion that comes across, or use my personal life as a excuse to be absent, or just to act like a asshole. Even if I may be going through a rough time I will try my best to stay as neutral as possible, because that is what I think is important being a staff member is too stay neutral, and that's what I told my staff when I was running my network in the past. 
Some pros that I would probably say that I have, or that I have inherited from being a founder on multiple occasions is that I like to use my humor, and not to take stuff literally. For an example if someone called my mother out for being a stripper or something I would not take offense, and I would make sure 24/7 that I do not use my authority as leverage.

Do you promise not to abuse your powers in any shape or form: I'll give it my best shot, and from me being staff in many other servers I have not abused my powers unless it was in a jokingly manner, which I will not use on this server due to the population of this server, and for my own professionalism.

How many hours in Garry's Mod(Required 300) 580 Hours to be exact.

What your favorite animal: A dog.

How many total warns do you have: I think in the past I have had like 3 max, but due to the wipe I have had no warn ever since the Halloween event.

How many active warns do you have: Currently I have 0.

Do you have the trusted role: (Required) Yes

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+/-Rep Now I haven't seen you on the server because I have not been on during the afternoon for the past two days but I do want to say I swear if anyone -Reps you because of your age that's crazy I was 14 when I applied and I got accepted so the age should not matter But Over good application I just can +rep you because I have not seen you on now that's not your issue or problem that is mine.

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+rep, been on loa for about a week now, but i dont remember seeing you on before i left. we do however need staff members, and your app is pretty decent

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+/- REP
You just came back after reset then started playing again you are pretty chill tho

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Hey yah shit, about time you apply, if you get this, then I can bully you er I mean be proud you went up in the NL community



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Chill person to hang around.

Never really got in to shit with them.

(This was a non-biased review of your application!)

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The staff team is currently full. When a slot opens up, I will put you to pending, DM you on discord, and interview you.

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