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Ban Appeal

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In-game name: LittleMisterMr16

SteamID: (Ex. STEAM_0:0:84113529)  STEAM_0:0:54238827

Ban reason:  Contact Ban

Ban time: 7 days

Staff member who banned you:  Trickshots

Reason why you feel you should be unbanned:  because blacken was the rayman playermodel all day. then his dumb ass friend decided to become blackens playermodel. and he probally did it on purpose because he knew i was friends with blacken. and bassiclly i mugged him thinking it was blacken because he was using blackens playermodel and I got confused. and thats why I think i should be unban

Do you regret breaking the rules: (Unless falsely banned) yea 


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I am sorry, I just think you probably should check the name before you mugged him, people could be the same pm all the time, you should've known better.

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