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Hawks Trainee app


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RP Name: ✪Hawk

Real Name: Elion but steam ✪Hawk

SteamID:  STEAM_1:0:94343178

Discord Name: ✪Hawk

Age: (13yr or older!) 14

Do Have A Mic: (If No That Is Fine) Yup

Birthday: Dec 19 03

How Many Hours Do You Have On Server?: (20+ hours Is Required) 20

How Much Money Have You Donated To Server: 20

Reason You Are Wanting To Be Staff: (5 sentences minimum)  Because i get rdmed ALOT and i dont want to have to keep bothering the admins because they might be in a sit of there own. I have a lot of experience ive been trial mod-manager before on servers. There is a lot of people usually breaking the rules and i want to help. I play the server around 5 -6 hours a day usually it depends on what time i get on. I enjoy the server a lot and hope to have a rank to help it even more.

Recommended By: No one :(
How Will You Help NeonLink: (5 Sentences MINIMUM!) Well i helpled by donating which is one thing. Im going to help by kicking banning warning and more to the rule breakers. Im going to help the roleplayers with there problems. And im going to help new players know the rules and the way around the servers like how much one ways they can have on there base or what they can and cant do. And im going to help the administrators with their sits if they need any help and they want to have another staff member to help. Ive said help so many times. I bet youre a little sick of it.

What is your Timezone? Central

When Are You Able To Be On? (Eastern Standard Time) 6pm-11pm eastern on week days but 5pm-10pm by me and 6pm-2am eastern  and 5pm-1am by me

Will You Be Able To Make It To Staff Meetings? (around 1-2 a month)  Yup i never have anything to do and if i do i can get on discord on my phone if the meetings are on discord
Do You Promise NOT To Abuse Your Power: Heck yeah dude. I want to do this job very serious and would never abuse and if i do on accident just go ahead and demote me so then i cant do it again.
What Is Your Favorite Animal: Dogs (i got 4 lmao)

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