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Knuckles Application

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RP Name: Knuckles

Real Name: Michael

SteamID: STEAM_1:0:77881064

Discord Name: Rockknight39

Age: 14

Do Have A Mic: I have a mic

Birthday: 11/28/03

How Many Hours Do You Have On Server?: 36

How Much Money Have You Donated To Server: More than your rent

Reason You Are Wanting To Be Staff: I want to be staff because of how many people break rules and how many people get away with it. It's also because when people break the rules I seem to be the center point of it all. I also am a very active person so when no staff is online I can make sure that people who break the rules get there punishment. Another reason I want to be staff is because I know the rules becuase I used to be a staff on a DarkRP server. Finally I want to be staff because of how many staff are online for a very very long time (not many).

Recommended By: Fusion, Burial.
How Will You Help NeonLink: I will help the server because I am a fully experienced person in the rules of a lot of DarkRP rules because I used to be a super admin on one before. I can also help out the server because I can relate to alot of people who play the server can get through to them that what they are doing isn't right. I can also make sure that when people deiced to break the rules I can make sure they know that they are doing something wrong. Another way I can help out NeonLink is helping a trainee or someone who doesn't understand something. The way that I can help is by telling those who need to be told what they need to do to avoid getting in trouble. Finally I can help out Neonlink by making sure that the staff don't do something that's wrong like false warning or kicking and banning people. 

What is your Timezone? EST

When Are You Able To Be On? All the time

Will You Be Able To Make It To Staff Meetings? Yes I will

Do You Promise NOT To Abuse Your Power: I Promise to not Abuse my power

What Is Your Favorite Animal: My favorite animal is a dog and a cat

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