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DarkRP Rules


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  • Use common sense.
  • Staff may use reasonable discretion with any situation not listed in the MOTD.
  • Loopholes or manipulating rules will count as breaking the rules. No Exceptions. 
  • Any kind of hacks, cheats, exploits, glitches or scripts will get you permanently banned! (Including AutoClickers!)
  • Ban evading may result in a 1-2 week ban OR a permanent ban (depending on the offenses).
  • Do not disrespect staff or other users. 1st offense will result in a verbal warn and 2nd offense will result in a warn. 
  • Staff have final say. 
  • Do not interfere with admin sits you are not apart of.
  • Do not RP in any way in an admin sit.
  • Do not RP in spawn.
  • NLR timer is 5 mins; do not interact with your killer, this includes RDMing, mugging, taunting, raiding (if it is the same base). NLR is not based on location.
  • Don't be mingy.
  • Do not RDM/RDA/RST (this includes RDM wars and killing/arresting/stun-sticking your friends without valid cause).
  • Don't commit FailRP/FearRP.
    • Ex of FailRP: Kidnapping the Cult Leader as a Cult Member.
    • Ex of FearRP: Pulling out a gun while being mugged.
  • Don't use voice changers!
  • Don't scam other player!
  • Don't bait other players!
  • Do not steal, destroy, or spam other player's tip jars or radios!
  • Don't spam your mic, props, camera, or the chat.
  • Don't prop kill, prop climb or prop minge. 
  • No crossfire, missclicks, or counters.
  • No meta gaming (Using information you would not have in RP, e.g. Arresting hitman for having a hit)!
  • Don't demote people with staff online.
  • Don't self supply. (Ex: Buying weapons for yourself)
  • You can't build in a public area unless you are a hobo, fruit slicer, or custom class.
    • CCs must have it specified in the description.
    • CCs must follow hobo rules to build in public.
  • You may not have printers or bitcoin miners in public.
  • You can't upgrade printers for lower ranks! This applies to VIP, Staff, and Trusted!
  • Intentionally targeting another player/staff or continuous harassment will lead to a 1 week ban. 
  • When you reach a threshold of 3 warns in a small amount of time, you'll be automatically kicked from the server.
  • Reaching 25 warns will result in a permanent ban! No exceptions.
  • After 3 months since your last warn ALL warns will be removed and you can start fresh
  • Do not advertise other servers/websites/links/etc.. Do not advertise your applications either!
  • If you want to apply for staff, go to neonlink.us/forums/ and apply once you've met the requirements:
    • 72 hours In-Game
    • 300 hours in GMOD
    • MUST be Trusted (that you also need to apply on the forums for)
  • You cannot counter (unless Lego Yoda)! You may kill people if they are raiding you or a party member but further reasons must be explicitly stated with a KOS sign. 
  • Business men cannot pay people to Kill people, this will be considered RDM and will result in a warn, this can also result in a ban if it gets high enough.
  • Items dropped on death (including money) are the property of the killer (or the victim if it's suicide). Anyone can take the items if they /advert Steal.



  • You can't emote during a raid/mug/kidnaps.
  • No spamming emotes.
  • Excessively using emotes to negate money in your account may result in a kick.



    • Examples include:
      • Small or larger player models than the average height. (Refer to the default citizen height/width).
      • Player models with different hitboxes than the default
      • Invisible or hard to see player models.
      • Animal player models (unless it is a regular height/width animal that stands on 2 legs with a normal hitbox). If it is on 4 legs you will have to RP like you are a pet. 
  • Custom Classes can raid bank.
  • Custom classes are not allowed to terror.
  • Cooldown for (purchasable, not terrorist) C4 follow raid cooldowns, as they are intended to be used for raids/as weapons. 



  • Advert warns must be 5 seconds apart!
  • No chain/super binds allowed (example: /advert mug/raid/false/over/pd raid/bank raid).
  • You must advert to raid, kidnap, mug, etc. (Ex: /advert Raid).
    • You may customize messages as long as you keep the intention [Ex: Zoo-Wee Mama! (Kidnap)]
  • No hateful language such as Racism(Ex: Hard-R N-Word), Sexism, Homophobia, Transphobia, and other unspecified language. 
  • Excessive use of the N-word or using the Hard-R is prohibited
  • Using the N-word in a discriminatory or racist context is prohibited.
  • Spoilers that can look racist will result in a ban for racism (ex: blocking out a few letters of racist slang still counts as racism).
  • No bind testing!
  • No Spamming!
  • Do @ (Message) to call a staff member.



  • Use !party (or f5) to access the party menu.
  • Party leader must call party raid.
  • You may kill someone who damages/kidnaps/kills/mugs/etc. your party member.
  • You must be in an existing party to harm someone who kidnaps/mugs/kills/etc. your party member (no creating parties after the fact/when they are kidnapped/etc.)!
  • CP may only be in a party with other CP
  • Party members cannot enforce KOS signs unless you are part of the base/hired to do so.



  • These rules assume players are regular citizen size.
  • No mega-basing (only 1 base per party / group).
  • No crouch, hurdle, or maze bases. 
    • A maze base having at least one dead end.
  • No black-out/hard to see bases.
  • No anti-gravity props.
  • Must be possible to raid. 
  • Invisible & no-collided props are prohibited
  • Do not build on admin sit areas.
  • No prop-blocking any rooms. All rooms must be accessible
  • You may prop-block extra entrances; as long as you have one entrance that abides by basing rules, other entrances may be prop-blocked.
  • No more than 5 fading doors per base INCLUDING windows.
  • The fade length of fading doors on the keypad(s) must be 4 seconds or longer (windows included).
  • Each fading door used in an entrance must have 1 keypad both sides of the door.
  • Each fading door used for a window must have 1 keypad on one side of the door.
  • Double Fading doors/Fading doors are not allowed to be placed directly over locked purchasable doors.
  • Bases can only have up to 10 keypads.
  • Keypads must be visible and obviously placed.
  • Buttons are not allowed to be used at all for fading doors/windows.
  • No Kill boxes allowed. AKA - Tunnels where players do not have room to move naturally or tunnels that give defenders an unfair advantage.
  • Two people must be able to easily pass each other in all directions.
  • You MAY NOT be able to shoot someone and see them at the same time if they cannot see you. If you have a one way to allow you to see inside your tunnel to where you can see them and shoot but the raider cannot see you, then it is considered a kill box. If you can shoot and see the raider at the same time, they MUST be able to see you. 
  • Spaces to shoot through MUST be visible and not small (if you have a base design with a small space for you to shoot them through, it cannot be so small to where the raider has a hard time shooting). 
  • No more than 1 one-way, and has to be a 1:1 ratio (1 materialized, and 1 World Glow).
  • Not allowed to shoot through one-way props.
  • One-way props may not be fading doors (fading doors cannot be World-Glow).
  • Prop-blocking in public space, (as well as unowned property) is prohibited).
  • Leaving the area briefly does not restart loitering timer.
  • You are able to build in certain areas without a door, ask for permission from an Admin+ first. 
  • You can not make it so fading doors have to be lockpicked/keypad-cracked twice.
  • Cannot add delay to your keycard scanners when making fading doors



  • You may not send your Camera (spawnable prop) into other people's bases (invisible or not). This breaks many rules and may result in a permanent ban if serious enough.
  • You may NOT prop push people in any capacity. Finding a way to do so is considered exploiting and may result in a permanent ban.
  • You may NOT prop kill people (including yourself) in any capacity. Doing so will result in a 1-5 day ban based on severity.
  • You may have no-collided props as long as they are DECORATIVE or CAMERAS/KEYPADS. No-collided props may not be world-glow. Abusing no-collided props in any capacity, to staff discretion, may result in a kick, warn, or ban. 
  • Models/alyx/emptool_glow is NOT allowed to be used (electric flashing material).
  • Models/screenspace is NOT allowed to be used (mirror material). 
  • Pheonix_storms/scrnspace is NOT allowed to be used (mirror material).
  • You may NOT have strobing props (flashing props) as walls. Dance floors are OK, walls/ceilings are NOT.



  • KOS lines have to extend full perimeter of the building (unless inside; ex: KOS past counter); KOS lines cannot extend onto sidewalks!
  • Do not have inappropriate text screens (ex ( BUT NOT LIMITED TO): racism, homophobia, transphobia, sexism, etc).
  • Textscreens must follow building rules (if your job cannot build in public, you cannot put textscreens in public). 
  • Cannot have KOS and building signs up at the same time. (DO NOT BOTHER PEOPLE WHO ARE BUILDING).
  • Putting a building sign  up will keep you safe for 15 minutes, in that time, all you can do is build. Nobody can raid you but you can't have any entities other than a tip jar.
  • "KOS for all reasons" are not allowed. You must have specific KOS reason, such as "KOS if inside/loitering for 5 seconds".
  • You cannot target specific people/a specific group of people in your KOS sign (ex: you cannot put "KOS if inside while cop" or "KOS if player1423").
  • You may not have textscreens alluding to or directly involving sensitive topics including, but not limited to, political or religious affairs. 
  • KOS signs must be at least 50 pts font size (on the scale) to be considered visible. Do not try to blend KOS signs with backgrounds.
  • You may not have a KOS sign that simply says "KOS." you must specify KOS guidelines, such as "KOS if Inside."



  • Spamming vapes (right click) may result in a warn/kick.



  • May not push saber into windows (FailRP).
  • Unlit Lightsabers are NOT weapons and are considered Tools.
  • Unlit Lightsabers cannot be lit in a mug or kidnapping.
  • Force powers are allowed to be used to escape mug or kidnap (unless already restrained/knocked out).
  • Force pushing is KOS
  • Putting your lightsaber through a wall to kill someone is FailRP



  • You must advert raid by doing "/advert Raid" or your preferred choice of words, as long as it gets the idea across.
  • You are not allowed to build during a raid as attacker OR defender.
  • You can steal a maximum of 3 entities from a base.
  • Raids can only last 10 minutes max.
  • NLR still applies to both the raider and the defender! (You can not return to the raid!)
  • The person who is getting raided cannot destroy printers or bitminers during a raid!
  • Person being raided cannot use fading door keys during raid(Must use keycard to open/close fading doors).
  • There is a 10 minute cooldown to raid a base you haven't recently raided!
  • There's a 15 minute cooldown to raid the same base!
  • You are not allowed to start a raid from inside bases, this includes the PD and Bank.
  • Raiding a base with a building sign up is prohibited!
  • Raiding in anyway must follow cooldown.
  • Assisting counts as raiding.
  • May not advert "KOS if near." You are not able to KOS people that are not in the general area of the base.
  • Anyone inside the base is KOS, assisting or not.
  • You may kill people who advert "assist" without permission; if you join a raid , you may NOT kill the raid leader.



  • Bloods/Crips
  • Cult Members (Must have leader with them)
  • Thief/Pro Thief
  • Hacker (Cannot raid alone, must be hired)
  • Hitman/Pro Hitman (only if your target is inside of the building)
  • Custom Classes
  • Anarchist (Must have leader with them)
  • Pimp/Prostitute (Only together)
  • Mob Boss
  • Business Man
  • Pedo-bear



  • Must "/advert Steal" before taking any entity that doesn't belong to you (unless you are raiding or have permission).
  • There's a 10 minute cooldown before you can "/advert Steal" once again.
  • May kill people you're stealing from if they're interfering with your theft.
  • May steal 3 printers/miners, or steal 5 money bags.
  • You MAY advert steal to take moneybags by using "/advert steal moneybags" (including being able to kill them for it).
  • If you advert to steal moneybags, there is a 20 minute cooldown to steal more moneybags again.
  • May not advert steal just to kill someone.
  • May not steal tip jars, radios, or fruit slicer from a Fruit Slicer.
  • Adverting steal will make you KOS.
  • Stealing without advert is warnable and also makes you KOS.
  • Anyone can steal Except CP and Pets.



  • Must advert kidnap! (/advert kidnap).
  • Running away from/pulling a gun on your kidnapper is FailRP/FearRP!
  • You must wait 10 minutes to kidnap another person, and can only hold someone hostage for 10 minutes.
  • If you are being kidnapped you must do what the kidnapper say or FailRP/FearRP!
  • Cannot kidnap someone just to take their weapons, must follow through with the kidnap or allowing people to do so. (FailRP)
  • When kidnapping someone, you must give them the opportunity to pay their way out. 
  • If someone pays the ransom amount, you may NOT kill them; doing so will result in a warn for FailRP
  • Max ransom during a kidnap is 150k.
  • Must kidnap someone within 15 seconds of the advert.
  • You may NOT kidnap hobos. 



  • Don't KOS another gang member without reason.
  • Gang leaders can call Gang Wars on each other, but both leaders MUST accept.
  • Both sides have to accept gang war using /advert Gang War Accepted.
  • Gang Wars have a cooldown of 30 minutes.
  • Gang Wars end when a Gang leader dies.
  • Gang Wars last 30 minutes (If the gang leader doesn't die, change jobs, etc.)
  • Once there is no longer a leader for one side, the gang war is immediately over, and the gang must wait for the cooldown.
  • Gang members may not kill each other without being in a Gang War/being damaged/etc.
  • Don't harass the other gang UNLESS it's in RP form.
  • Crossfire is considered RDM, and any cases of crossfire will end in punishment.
  • Bloodz members and the Bloodz leader may kill users who attack/kill other Bloodz members or the Bloodz Leader!
  • Cripz members and the Cripz leader may kill users who attack/kill other Cripz members or the Cripz leader!



  • The leader can call PD war every 30 minutes!
  • PD wars can only last 30 minutes (Then the cooldown starts)
  • There needs to be a mayor to PD War
  • If the Mayor, or Anarchist Leader dies, the PD war is over!
  • Cannot PD war without reason!
  • Must "/advert PD WAR".
  • Must have more than 2 members with you!
  • Not allowed to kidnap people UNLESS they are with the government.
  • Leader can kidnap (members cannot).
  • Anarchist members and the leader may kill users who attack/kill other Anarchist members or the Anarchist Leader



  • Cannot raid alone; you must be hired to raid.
  • Advert hired when you are hired to assist in a raid.



  • Must have a base!
  • Groups cannot be based on racist/sexist/homophobic/transphobic/etc. groups or ideas.
  • Cult Members/Leader cannot kidnap other Cult Members. 
  • Cult members can only raid when with the Cult Leader.
  • Cult members may not place hits on other Cult Members or the leader (FailRP)!
  • Cult members and the Cult Leader may kill users who attack/kill other Cult members or the Cult Leader!
  • When possessed you must listen to the Cult Leader and Cult Members.
  • Cult Leader /advert Ritual to use the cursed book.
  • Demons can only use Demon SWEP.



  • If builds are public, they must be minimal and out of the way (no building in the middle of the streets, no LARGE Fight Clubs).
  • You may not use C4 in Fight Clubs (this is considered RDM/MRDM).
  • Civil protection may NOT associate in any way with Fight Clubs nor may they participate (considered Corrupt CP).
  • You may enforce/hire Private Security to enforce KOS signs regarding Fight Club rules (ex: "KOS if not using knives").
  • Entering a Fight Club and using weapons not allowed on rules (ex: bringing a gun to a knife Fight Club) will be considered RDM.



  • Hoes are NOT allowed to raid without a pimp!
  • Pimp are allowed to slap their hoes using slappers.
  • May have a base/HQ.
  • Pimps may ONLY slap their hoes; slapping other players is considered FailRP and will be punished accordingly.
  • Pimps may kill users who attack/kill their prostitutes (prostitutes may not kill users who kill/attack other prostitutes or their pimp)!



  • Do not self-supply (buying shipments for yourself).
  • You may only base with other gun dealers/black market dealers/drug dealers.
  • Cannot Raid/Mug etc.



  • Cooldown for using a bomb vest on another player or yourself is 25 minutes.
  • MUST /advert hostage when kidnapping someone to place a bomb vest onto!
  • You may NOT hold someone hostage for longer than 10 minutes. If you hold someone hostage, you may not kidnap OR hold another person hostage for 10 minutes.
  • MUST /advert suicide bomb when detonating.
  • If you have a bomb vest placed on you after a kidnapping/hostage situation, you must follow the kidnapper's orders (ex: walk into a crowd of people) or it will be considered FearRP.
  • You may NOT send someone into a base with a bomb vest, nor may you wear it yourself into someone's base.
  • You may send someone into PD or bank with a bomb vest/walk in wearing it yourself.



  • May do /advert terror and blow yourself up!
  • Must use bomb provided for terrorism
  • 30 minute terror cooldown!
  • Terrorists are not allowed to raid nor mug.
  • You may not terror in bases, though you may terror in PD/Bank.



  • You may kidnap by doing /advert kidnap (10 minute cooldown)
  • ISIS members are not allowed to terror
  • ISIS members are not allowed to kidnap other ISIS members.
  • Only ISIS members can enforce KOS signs for their public execution chamber, not party members.
  • ISIS members cannot hire Private Security.
  • ISIS members cannot raid.
  • ISIS members may kill users who attack/kill other ISIS members.



  • Must protect the mayor in the PD during a PD raid!
  • CP may kill users who are attacking/killing other CP members!
  • Cannot kill another CP!
  • Cannot arrest another CP!
  • Cannot base anywhere except the PD.
  • Don't ask for a warrant for no reason. This is considered RDW.
  • Valid warrants include illegal activity. A CP member MUST witness the activity (cannot get tips from citizen, or do it off suspicion).
  • Don't block up the public area in the PD! (PD Lobby)
  • Civil protection are not allowed to be Corrupt!
    • Ex:
      • Helping criminals that are raiding the bank/PD as a Civil Protection
      • Putting a Hit on others while playing as a Civil Protection.
      • being in a party with people that aren't Civil Protection.
      • You are not allowed under any Circumstances allowed to have Printers/Miners or any sort of Drug while on a Civil Protection Job.
  • Being a corrupt member of the PD will result in a week ban!
  • Anyone past second doors in PD are AOS/KOS.
  • If there is no mayor on you can only enforce the first 3 laws.
  • Police must wait 5 minute NLR before returning to PD or Bank during a raid, SWAT may not return at all.
  • CP must specify police raids "/advert police raid"
  • SWAT sniper may KOS for laws (Must use the sniper to KOS)
  • SWAT sniper must Advert reason for KOS (RFK) after killing someone based on laws (i.e. /advert RFA or RFK{Insert Law/Reason})
  • SWAT sniper may NOT "camp" public Gun Shops/Racks. If someone purchases a weapon, you are expected to give a 5 second window to allow them to put their gun away.
  • SWAT Medic can only use the Defibrillator/revive once every 5 minutes.
  • All PD must Advert reason for arrest (RFA) after making an arrest! (i.e. /advert RFA {Insert Law/Reason})
  • When raiding as police do not use battering rams on walls, only props with fading doors OR purchasable doors.
  • C4 and other explosives cannot be used to defend PD.
  • You may NOT place Weapon Check Stations at the entrance to the PD (may not be placed in lobby).
  • You may NOT carry Weapon Check Stations OR place them anywhere except for the PD.
  • You may NOT arrest someone in their base without a VALID warrant.
  • You may NOT random weapon check; doing so will be considered FailRP.
  • You may NOT kill someone who is resisting arrest UNLESS they break out of cuffs first; if you handcuff someone and they proceed to break out of cuffs before you are able to arrest them, you may kill them. If you wait an extended period of time to arrest someone to "bait" them to break out of their cuffs, you may be warned for baiting.
  • A user with a license may open carry weapons freely without repercussions. Killing a user (as a SWAT sniper) with a license while they are open-carrying may result in a warn for RDM and arresting them may result in a warn for RDA (staff discretion judges case-by-case and staff acknowledge accidents happen).
  • You may NOT use the stun gun excessively; you May use the stun gun to temporarily stun someone to arrest them, but you may NOT spam it or abuse it. Abusing the stun gun may result in a war/ban/etc.
  • Can enforce KOS/AOS signs in PD and Bank.


Bank Manager Rules

  • Bank Manager IS considered Government.
  • Maximum fee (entry, exit, deposit, and withdrawal combined) is 15k. 
  • Cannot defend PD.
  • Can only base in Bank and must defend Bank.
  • Can hold Bitcoin Miners for a fee (maximum 50k each) if they are not illegal.
    • Cannot hold Money Printers or Drugs.


  • K9 RULES
  • K9 cannot use a gun or lightsaber, you may only use a knife or pet swep.
  • K9 must have a CP handler/owner
  • Being corrupt will result in a week ban. 



  • Cannot base anywhere except the PD.
  • No troll laws!
  • No laws that involve racism, homophobia or sexism! (Or any discriminatory behavior)
  • Laws must be AOS not KOS
  • Cannot have jaywalking laws!
  • Cannot arrest!
  • Cannot have a gun other than the double barrel shotgun!
  • Only use the double barrel shotgun or a knife for defending yourself or during a PD raid!
  • Must have a reason for a lockdown! (/broadcast {reason})
  • Cannot accept false warrants!
  • Law must be in place for 1 minute before it can be enforced
  • "Disrespecting Government" cannot be a law
  • "Random Weapon Checks allowed" cannot be a law (or anything permitting random weapon checks).
  • You may NOT override server laws (i.e. laws 1, 2, or 3)
    • May may choose whether or not Weed is legal to grow/use
    • Also can make bit miners legal.
  • Bitminers are automatically legal unless stated otherwise in a law.
  • You may NOT have "Weapons out AOS" and "Licenses don't matter" laws at the same time. If licenses don't matter, all citizens can open carry without repercussions. If licenses DO matter, then you may arrest people for having weapons out if you make a law for it. 
  • Mayor CANNOT kill users who kill/attack other CP members.



  • You must wait 5 minutes to mug another person!
  • Cannot mug a hobo! (CAN mug Hobo King)
  • Cannot mug in spawn!
  • You can't mug someone for any more than 25k!
  • Must advert mug!
  • Minimum time for a KOS mug is 10 seconds!
  • Must specify time and amount in advert



  • Bloodz/Cripz (With leader)
  • Cult members (With leader)
  • Thief / Pro Thief
  • Hobo King
  • Custom Classes
  • Anarchist
  • Pimp
  • Business Man
  • Mobster



  • Can only attack people if attacking - harassing - or harming your owner in any other way
  • If you get adopted, you must do /job Name's pet (i.e. if your owner is Welsey then do /job Wesley's Pet)
  • Cannot use a gun or lightsaber (even to move), you may only use a knife or pet swep. (Counts as FailRP.)
  • Cannot base unless it is with your owner.
  • Cannot base inside of the Police Department without Permission from PD Leadership or the Mayor. 



  • Cannot raid unless your hit is in the building
  • Allowed to have a base.
  • Allowed to cloak during raid.



  • May NOT mug, raid, kidnap, etc.
  • Can advert raid while inside bases.
  • If you use the disguise swep, you are KOS to the person you are disguised as.



  • Can own fading doors and no collided props, cannot be disruptive. 
  • You can build a little base on public property.
  • Cannot prop-block a large chunk of a public area.
  • Hobo king can use guns, but normal hobos cannot.
  • You may not play earrape.
  • You may not just sit there playing music after being killed just to annoy people (ex: dead and playing music is not allowed).
  • Cannot mug or raid as a hobo, but you can mug as hobo king.
  • You may NOT spam your microphone in spawn.
  • Cannot have a KOS sign.
  • Must keep build minimal. (i.e. No building around fountain or anything that would interrupt RP).
  • No building in tunnels. (i.e. tunnels from spawn and district tunnels). 
  • You may only mic spam in public/streets. Do not mic spam inside bases.



  • May own a base (follow base rules).
  • May build a second, small base in public.
  • May have 1 fading door in public
  • May have a KOS sign.
  • Fruit stand must be accessible to the public at all times. 



  • Can counter
  • Counter cooldown is 10 minutes
  • NOT CP, can use printers/miners/drugs.
  • Cannot raid/mug/steal/kidnap
  • May only use lightsaber when countering



  • May kill once every 5 minutes must /advert murder.
  • When adverting murder or murder spree, you have 15 seconds between your advert and your first kill to kill someone before your killing spree is considered over.
  • May use "/advert murder spree" and kill everyone until you die. Killing sprees may only last a maximum of 20 minutes.
  • When you advert murder or murder spree, you are KOS.
  • Killing spree cooldown is 20 minutes. 
  • May only use machete (no guns, lightsabers (even to move), knifes etc). 
  • May not Raid, Mug, Base, Or Kidnap
  • Small shack may be building public (follow hobo base rules).



  • May either have a club or an outdoor party.
    • Rules for making a club:
      • Must be built inside of a building
      • Can charge admission, not required.
    • Rules for hosting an outdoor party:
      • Must get permission from the Mayor
      • Can set up DJ equipment in public (ex. fountain).
      • Must sell tickets and give 50% of the proceeds to the Hobo King. Minimum ticket price is $5,000.
  • Cannot play any non-English music.
  • Cannot earrape.


AFK Rules

  • Must do "/advert AFK".
  • If you are AFK for more than 10 minutes on a limited job, you will be set to citizen.
  • AFK farming of any sort will result in a warn and a kick!
  • If you are AFK on a very limited job and there is no one that is Senior Moderator+ you will be kicked.



  • You may ONLY kill a Civil Protection Officer if you get handcuffed THEN break out of your cuffs. You may NOT kill a CP member if they simply "click" the handcuff SWEP or chase you with it.
  • Staff members may prop-block their base to prevent being raided while taking a sit. The prop must be deleted after the sit is over.
  • When you use your grappling hook onto a player you become KOS and vice versa.
  • You are KOS whilst holding a cum gun!
  • Cum guns cannot be used in raids (defense or offense).
  • If you punch a player with a Parkour SWEP you will become KOS to that player.


Warn/Ban Information

  • If you get a warning you are able to appeal for it on the ban appeal section on the forums.
  • If you don't get a warn for 3 months you can ask a Senior Admin+ to have your warns wiped.
  • Getting 5+ warns as a Trusted member will have your Trusted role taken away!
  • If you are banned as a Trusted member, your Trusted role will be taken away!
  • If you receive 25 warns, you will be permanently banned!
  • If an unban is purchased, warns STILL REMAIN! They do not get removed or wiped. 



  • NITRP - No Intent To Roleplay
  • RDM - Random Deathmatch
  • RDA - Random Arrest
  • RWC - Random Weapon Check
  • NLR - New Life Rule
  • LTAP - Leaving To Avoid punishment
  • NDW - Random Warrant
  • FDA - Fading Door Abuse
  • RP - Roleplay
  • AFK - Away From Keyboard
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