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Staff Punishment Guideline


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For all punishments, always be lenient with players you can tell are just trying to play and don't really know the rules, because they could just be new to the server. Make sure to check their hours if they don't have somewhere between 12-24 give them a verbal on some things. Obviously if you get into multiple sits with them they should've read the rules by then. If you can tell it was accidental, opt to verbally warn instead.

x1 = Warn (!warn STEAM_0:0:84113529 RDM) **Verbal if new player!
x2 = Warn (!warn STEAM_0:0:84113529 RDM) can add 1.5 min jail (!jail STEAM_0:0:84113529 1.5 RDM)
x3 = Warn + 3 minute jail (!jail STEAM_0:0:84113529 3 RDM x3)
x4 = Warn + 6 minute jail (!jail STEAM_0:0:84113529 6 RDM x4)
x5 = Warn + 9 minute jail (!jail STEAM_0:0:84113529 9 RDM x5)
x6 = Warn + 12 minute jail (!jail STEAM_0:0:84113529 12 MRDM x6)
x7 = Warn + 15 minute jail (!jail STEAM_0:0:84113529 15 MRDM x7)
x8 = Warn + 18 minute jail (!jail STEAM_0:0:84113529 18 MRDM x8)
x9 = 7 day ban, add 1 day for every offense after 9 (x10 = 8 days, x11 = 9 days, etc.)
x25+ = Permanently ban (!perma STEAM_0:0:84113529 MRDM x25 / !ban STEAM_0:0:84113529 0 days MRDM x25)
LTAP = 1 day ban (If they leave during a jail and the jail is over 6 minutes, ban them for 3 days)
Corrupt CP = Warn (If they are already getting banned, 1 day can be added)
Punishments are staff discretion, in some scenarios you are able to jail someone for 20-30 min if they RDM x15. Sometimes they'll stop, others wont.
RDM in a sit can cause either more jail time or another day added to the ban.
Use reasonable discretion concerning FailRP.

NITRP is a 3 day ban (can also be combined with other punishments)
     Ex: MRDM x9 and NITRP = A warn for MRDM x9 and a 10 day ban, 7 MRDM and 3 for NITRP.
Use your best judgement when banning players for NITRP.

Ban evading will result in keeping the previous ban time on ALL alt accounts in addition to a 7 day ban or a permanent ban.
Ban evasion & not minging = 7 day ban added to previous ban
Ban evasion & came back minging = Permanent ban

Mic/Chat spamming is a warn and gag/mute for 5 minutes. (Staff discretion, can just be a gag)
Continued spamming after this results in a warn and a gag/mute for 10 min. (Can jail for 3 min, or kick if its excessive)
Using the n-word with a hard-r will result in an immediate warn and a gag/mute for 10 min (unless it is in a ticket/they repeat it. Tell them not to say it, but don't punish them for repeating it ONCE). If they are purposely spamming it in mic or chat while gagged/muted ban for 3 days NITRP/Racism.
Remember, you are allowed to use the n-word without the hard-r in RP (not excessively)
Racist/Homophobic/Sexist/Transphobic language:

  • First offense: Verbal warning with 5 minute gag/mute (use your discretion).
  • Second offense: Warn and 5 minute gag/mute.
  • Third offense: Warn and 10 minute gag/mute OR 3 day ban for NITRP (use your discretion).

Constant disrespect, harassment, or targeting will result in a 7 day ban for player harassment/targeting.

Prop Minge | Prop Block
If a player is prop minging or prop blocking, ask them to stop and remove the props FIRST. 
If a player REFUSES to stop/remove their prop block, warn and kick them.
If a player joins back and continues said behavior, it will result in a 3 day ban for NITRP (use your discretion).
Prop blocking spawn will result in a 7 day ban.
Prop blocking spawn AND MRDMing will result in a 30 day ban.

If an Admin+ is on get them to remove the props.

Dox | DDoS
IP Grabbing = Permanent ban
Doxxing someone's name = Permanent ban (Make sure to see if their name is in their Steam Bio, if it is 7 day ban for player harassment)
DDoSing = Permanent ban (Doing it & Threats are both bannable)

1. Always listen to your higher ups. Unless you know its blatantly against the rules. 
2. Do not ask for/advertise staff requests; doing so will result in not receiving a promotion that week and a staff strike.
3. Do not lie to higher ups. Doing this will result in an instant staff strike and a possible demotion.

4. Respect all players and staff REGARDLESS of who they are/what they did. Being biased will can also result in a probation, staff strike, and/or a demotion.
5. Do not use your powers in any non-staff related situation. Doing this will be considered abuse of powers and can result in being fully demoted from staff.
6. Must attend staff meetings every Monday at 7 P.M. EST. If you cannot attend, DM ️DarkRP Advisor or 🏅Community Overseer  or you will be demoted. You may miss one meeting without giving a warning (exceptions for emergencies).
7. If you interrupt someone during a staff meeting, you will be server muted. And can result in you not being promoted that staff meeting. 
8. Unless you are on LOA, missing 2 meetings in a row REGARDLESS of reason will result in a demotion (there may be exceptions based on your circumstances).
9. If you are too harsh or too lenient with punishments, you will be retrained, staff striked, or demoted depending on the severity.
10. If you are inactive two days in a row In-Game and/or on Forums, you will be given an inactivity warning. These warnings increase every day until we see improvement (or, if we do not, you will be demoted).
11. If you are on L.O.A. you will forfeit any promotion for the duration of the L.O.A. regardless if you are on the server or not.
12. Ignoring a #darkrp-call-admin request or a #staff-communications request intentionally (such as playing another game after being inactive that day) may result in a staff strike/demotion.
13. Must have DarkRP/Jailbreak/etc. at the start of your name on discord (the prefix of your name corresponds to whatever server you're currently staff for).

14. Don’t randomly physgun players. 
15. For every 10 players, there needs to be 1 staff member on the server. (30 players = 3 staff on). 
16. Do not go AFK while in !adminmode. And if you go AFK make sure there is another staff to fill your position while you’re gone. 
17. Don’t spawn in weapons or RDM war with other users/staff; you will be given a staff strike or demoted based on the severity of your actions.
18. Review the MOTD when you can and stay updated with changes. 
19. Take staff sits on rooftops and isolated areas. 
If you make a LOA send it to the
🏅 Community Overseer.

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