Staff punishments / rules

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[=====RDM / RDA / LTAP / NLR / FAILRP======]

x1 = Warn
x2 = Warn + Jail 3 mins (!jail "person" 3)
x3 = Warn + Jail 6 mins (!jail "person" 6)
x4 = Ban for 1 day (Mass RDM/RDA)

Mass RDM/RDA x5, x6, x7, etc. = 1 Day added to ban for each additional RDM/RDA (5 would be 2 day ban, 6 would be 3 day ban, etc.).

LTAP - 1 day ban added onto punishment. (Example: RDM x1 and they leave = 1 day ban + 1 warn for RDM).


FailRP - Follows RDM/RDA/NLR rules but can be 1 day ban added onto a bannable offense (use your discretion).
**Use reasonable discretion concerning FailRP


NITRP = 1 day ban, may also be added onto punishment. (Example: RDM x4 and NITRP = 1 day ban for RDM, Warn for RDMx4, and 1 day for NITRP).
Use your best judgement when banning players for NITRP. 


Mic/Chat spamming is a warn and gag/mute for 5 minutes.
Continued spamming after this results in a warn and a kick.
Using the "Hard-R N-Word" will result in an immediate one day ban.
Racist/Homophobic/Sexist/Transphobic language:

  • First offense: Verbal Warning with Gag/Mute (use your discretion)
  • Second offense: Warn and Gag/Mute
  • Third offense: One day ban

Continued disrespect after this results in a ban for NITRP and/or other offenses, such as Player Harassment (1 week ban).

[=====Prop Minge/Prop Block=====]

If a player is Prop Minging/Prop Blocking, ask them to stop/remove the props FIRST. 
If a player REFUSES to stop/remove their Prop Block, warn and kick them.
If a player joins back and continues said behavior, it will result in a one day ban for NITRP (use your discretion).
Prop blocking spawn will result in a two week ban.
Prop blocking spawn AND Mass RDMing will result in a one month ban.


1. Listen to your higher ups.
2. Don't randomly PhysGun players.
3. For every 10 players, there needs to be 1 Staff member on. (30 players = 3 Staff on)
4. Do not go AFK while on duty.
5. Don't spawn in weapons/RDM war with other users/staff; you will be given a staff strike or demoted based on the severity of your actions.
6. Review the MOTD when you can and stay updated with changes.
7. You need to be active. If you're inactive and you have not made an LOA on the forums, you will be given inactivity warnings and/or be demoted.
8. Respect all players and staff.
9. Take staff sits to rooftops or other isolated areas.
10. Staff meetings are every Saturday at 6 P.M. EST and are mandatory (if you cannot attend for some reason, let the Advisor/Community Overseer know).
11. If you have an issue with another staff member (e.g. for abusing/not doing their job etc.) let the Advisor/Community Overseer know with evidence. You will remain anonymous.
12. Do not be biased. Punish everyone equally. Do not let a friend get away with breaking rules.
13. Do not upgrade non-staff members' printers past their rank.
14. Confirm that a player is cheating before banning them permanently; use fspectate or other evidence.
15. Don't be too harsh when giving out staff/player disrespect (e.g. a simple "F*ck Off" is not disrespect).

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