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Kitsune Neko's Staff Application

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RP Name:Kitsune Neko

Real Name: Tyler


Discord Name:Saphira's Kitsune Neko#1400

Age: (13yr or older!) 17

Do Have A Mic: (If No That Is Fine) Yes

Birthday: 04-07-2000

How Many Hours Do You Have On Server?: (20+ hours Is Required) Sadly not enough but I have 2 hours.

How Much Money Have You Donated To Server:$0.00

Reason You Are Wanting To Be Staff: (5 sentences minimum)
Well, I joined and it already seemed fun. Despite having to go into an admin sit within 5 minutes because I was RDMed. But there are plenty of jobs. I do have lots of experience as Staff on other servers. One being Void DarkRP. I've seen some of the situations and have noticed a few things that admins have overlooked.

Recommended By: No-One
How Will You Help NeonLink: (5 Sentences MINIMUM!)
Well, I can help deal with sits easily. I've know what it's like to deal with trolls and I know how to catch hackers/Trolls easily. I know plenty of commands and I can get lots of people who lie to admit the truth. 

What is your Timezone?
I believe I am Central.

When Are You Able To Be On? (Eastern Standard Time)
I'm usually on for most of the day. Never online on Sundays

Will You Be Able To Make It To Staff Meetings? (around 1-2 a month) Yes
Do You Promise NOT To Abuse Your Power: I promise not to abuse my Power as staff.
What Is Your Favorite Animal: Wolf/Shark/Xenomorph cuz why not.

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