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Ted's Staff Application


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RP Name:Ted

Real Name:Sebastian M.


Discord Name:Ted

Age: (13yr or older!)16

Do Have A Mic: (If No That Is Fine)Yes

Birthday:May 3 2001

How Many Hours Do You Have On Server?: 1 Day

How Much Money Have You Donated To Server:N/A

Reason You Are Wanting To Be Staff: (5 sentences minimum)
I would like to be staff because i want to help a community i have enjoyed playing with Also playing with all the players i have met and made friends with. I am also just enjoying the server in all. I am wanting to be staff because i want to help the community expand and offer help when ever needed i am pretty respectful unless i am goofing off and messing around also i would like to get to know the staff team better and get a better experience what its about being a staff member of this server and pass the expectation of what the owners would like in a staff member and succeed in helping player and or other staff members.

Recommended By:Shark
How Will You Help NeonLink: (5 Sentences MINIMUM!)
I would help NeonLink By Helping all the players i can and accepting staff request to solve the issue that has accord even if its a player that is trying to bend a rule to make it sound different or try and get out of the situation by twisting the rule. The way i can help NeonLink is by not being bias towards any player and not just choosing one side to get done with a sit quick. Also i would  listen to both sides and communicate with both players and decide what the consequence will be and also just solve the problem professionally and calm even if the player is screaming or over reacting and just interrupting the conversation. I can also help the server by being on most of the time and helping out new players as well.

What is your Timezone?: PST

When Are You Able To Be On? (Eastern Standard Time) for EST its 6:30Pm-6:00Am=Pst 3:30-3:00Am if i did it correct

Will You Be Able To Make It To Staff Meetings? (around 1-2 a month) Yes any time unless at school
Do You Promise NOT To Abuse Your Power: I Do
What Is Your Favorite Animal:Pitbull

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