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Boone's Staff Application


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Requirements for being staff

-Must be active on the discord server

-Must be friendly with the community & not someone who causes trouble

-Having a mic is preferred, but not required.

-Must be above the age of 13

-Must have over 200 hours in Garry's mod

-Must know what you're doing & have an understanding with how DarkRP works & basic rules / motd rules

-Must not have more than 1 ban 

-Must not have over 12 warns

-Must have 4 days played on our server. (You can check this on the top right of your screen)

-Must be active!!!! (no, not every single day. At least once a day for a few hours. Breaks ARE okay.)



Staff application template:


In game name: boatboyx BoOnE

Discord name: Boone

SteamID: STEAM_1:1:61369458

Age: 18

Timezone: Eastern

Have you ever been staff on any other DarkRP servers? List them below. A server called Artillery

How many hours in Garry's mod do you have?: around 900

How long have you been apart of Neonlink?: 3 weeks or so?

What is your rank in game? (trusted,vip) VIP but was accepted trusted

What days are you able to be on? Pretty much all i have no life

Why do you want to be staff? (Answer this question thoroughly, and not "I like helping people :D") 8+ sentences. I believe this server is pretty great even though i hate most DarkRP servers. Servers like this one give a lot of hope towards the ever growing cancer in the darkrp gamemode. This server does already have a pretty active staff that doesnt usually fail but i find myself annoyed sometimes when everyone else gets off and some kid wants to minge and i gotta waste all my rpg ammo on them :( .  Also Roblox GF is here thanks <3

What are three things a staff member should uphold? Always be fair, never abuse and be respectful while on duty.


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