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Twisted's Staff Application

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RP Name: Justin/Twisted 

Real Name: Alex

SteamID: 76561198871534401

Discord Name: TWISTED#0001

Age: 13

Do Have A Mic: My mic cuts out, and in. I'd prefer not using mic due to my mic being rusty.

Birthday: 7/11/06

How Many Hours Do You Have On Server?: 77 Hours

How Much Money Have You Donated To Server: $30+ I'd say around there. I have purchased Permanent VIP, CC, and a Lightsaber.

Reason You Are Wanting To Be Staff: I would like to be a staff on NeonLink because, it would be a first time experience possibly receiving staff on a DarkRP server. I have never been a staff member on any other servers, I would like to tryout staff on Gmod to have a new experience on Gmod, I like to help people, I like to solve arguments, enforce rules basically. I also like to make sure everyone has fairness to make the server more enjoyable, I know it is a huge server to be starting on, but it will be a first time experience. I also like to spend a lot of time on the server because there is a lot of people to play with, have fun and others. The server is free to a lot of things, but the main reason why I would like to become staff is because I would like to help people, enforce rules, make the server enjoyable, and it would be a first time experience. 

Recommended By: Hawk.
How Will You Help NeonLink: By enforcing the rules of NeonLink, make the server enjoyable for new members, make sure everyone has a clean start, make sure everyone is getting their issues/problems fix that they have against others. I will also make sure that everyone is being fair to everyone, and make sure people are making fair bases. I might not know all the commands as being staff, but I might know a couple. I have also been staff on many other games, like Unturned, FiveM, Discord servers, etc. I will also be as active as I can, on school days I will get on the server for a few hours, and hop off, on the weekends I will be on the server 24/7 from Friday to Sunday. And, on breaks 24/7 all the time. I do not expect for me to be the best staff member, but atleast I will be able to help people.

What is your Timezone? PST (Pacific Standard Time)

When Are You Able To Be On? On school days, (After school)  I will get on the server for a few hours, and hop off, on the weekends I will be on the server 24/7 from Friday to Sunday. And, on breaks 24/7 all the time.

Will You Be Able To Make It To Staff Meetings? Yes, I will try my hardest to get myself to as many staff meetings as possible.

Do You Promise NOT To Abuse Your Power: I promise I will not abuse my power, and only use it for the good.

What Is Your Favorite Animal: My favorite animal will be a dog.

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+/- Seems to be that you're using the wrong format, idk where this one came from. It's not a bad app though, it's made pretty well. Unfortunate I personally feel that 13 is a little too young, who knows you might be real mature plus not having any staff experience on GMOD before might be a problem. I don't know you too well either. Maybe with seeing you more ingame my opinion could change

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You've Showed Us That You Would Like To Enforce The Rules And Have A Good Staff Team. And You Are A Donator So You Care. And You Are Active From What I've Seen. You Might Be Saying "Im Mature Enough Even Though I'm 13". Although You Might Be Right And Everything Else I Have Named Is A Plus. The Younger You Are The More Emotional You Seem. Ive Been Staffing For Servers Since I Was 11 And I've Seen Younger Staff Now. They Tend To Lose Their Temper, And Become Biased With Their Friends Or Biased In General For Sits. Doesnt Mean Just Friends It Could Be Because A Job Is More Mingy So You Think They Are Automatically In The Wrong. Like A Blood, Or A Swat. 

If You Interact With Me For Awhile (Not Just Once) I Can Change My Mind

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