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Jailbreak Rules

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AFK Freeze


Do not touch any of the movement keys or look around/click with your mouse. Using a microphone is still allowed unless explicitly denied by the warden.

Alt Crouch Walk Crouching and alt-walking at the same time (moving and control+alt by default)
Alt Walk Walking While holding alt, which makes you walk slower than normal.
Armory Red carpet and metal connected to the area where the guns are stored.
Armory Building The building where the armory is, including all the floors.
Center Circle The hexadecagon in the middle of the main cell area.
Crouch Walk Crouching while moving at the same time.
Guard Towers Any tower that overlooks the prison's outdoors.
KOS Kill On Sight.
Passage The large buried tunnel system that connects the pool, stairs, foursquare and simon says. Also includes the tunnel in the bottom right corner of the main cell block.
Rebel A prisoner who is made KOS due to rebelling.
Shift Walk Running while moving at the same time (moving and shift by default)
Vent Any "hole" in a wall.

Common Rules

C1. If a rule or action isn't specifically addressed within this MOTD, it is allowed unless it is within a malicious intent (staff discretion).
C2. Staff always have the final ruling on infringements of the rules. If you have an issue with a ruling then make a formal request on our forums and keep the flame out of the game.
C3. The following are not allowed:

  • a. Spamming (constantly complaining, repetitively insulting players)
  • b. Hacking, cheating, exploiting or using third party tools to give you an unfair advantage
  • c. Ghosting (revealing information about alive players while you are dead)
  • d. Advertising of anything, does not matter what it is
  • e. Impersonation (newest player should change their name in a coincidental collision)
  • f. Trolling
  • g. Annoying voices (extreme prepubescent voices or voice changers that are annoying)
  • h. Talking over players, especially the warden

C4. No detours and no delays is an IMPLIED command.
C5. Prisoners can be force to compete for last request if there are three or less.
C6. The newest movement order always overrides previous movement orders.

  • Example A
    If you tell a prisoner to AFK freeze somewhere, then you tell them to move, they must move.
  • Example B
    If prisoners are currently following you, and you say AFK freeze, then they must freeze.
  • Example C
    If prisoners are currently following you and you tell them to go somewhere (a location or your waypoint) then they must stop following you and go to that location.
  • Example D
    The warden states, "moving is KOS", then says go somwhere, you should go there. The KOS lift is implied because the newest movement order always overrides older ones.
  • Example E
    The warden states, "today is a lava day", then says go somewhere, you should not go there. The ground is still lava and if you touch the ground you will be KOS!

C7. If it is not a freeday, then prisoners are not allowed to do anything unless the warden specifically allows them to.
C7a. Actions that are allowed by default include:

  • using your microphone
  • using the chat (cannot be disallowed)

C8. The people on the prisoner team are referred to as "prisoners" by default. Unless stated otherwise, they should not follow any order that calls them anything else.
C9. The people on the guard team are referred to as "guards" by default. Unless stated otherwise, they should not follow any order that calls them anything else.
C10. Saying "everyone" refers to guards and prisoners, and both teams should comply with the order.
C11. Doing any of the following makes a prisoner a rebel automatically:

  • a. Entering any KOS area
  • b. Intentionally getting in the way of a guard and a rebelling prisoner
  • c. Not following the warden's orders
  • d. Damaging a vent or a secret escape entrance
  • e. Publicly revealing the code (regardless of if it is right or wrong)

C12. Camping is allowed as long as the following are kept in mind:

  • a. Camping to delay the round is not allowed
  • b. Camping in or around the armoury is not allowed
  • c. Camping any passage is not allowed
  • d. Camping in the medic bay is not allowed
  • e. Remember, if you are a guard you must be camping somewhere that is near/over watching the area that the prisoners are in, unless it is a freeday of course

C13. Wardays:

  • a. Must be declared before 7:00
  • b. Must expand at 6:00, guards cannot leave the warday are or open a door before expansion time. Guards are not required to leave at expansion time
  • c. Must take place in any single area, not everywhere or the main cell area
  • d. Allows guards to be exempt from normal camping rules
  • e. Prisoners must go to the warzone to fight, or be waiting somewhere easy to find. Camping to delay the round is not allowed

C14. Last Guard:

  • a. Cannot be the warden
  • b. May KOS all but 1 prisoner, unless the last prisoner is a rebel then you may KOS all

C15. Simon Says:

  • Started with "Simon says I am Simon" and "Simon says we are playing Simon says"
  • Ended with "Simon says we are no longer playing Simon says" and "Simon says I am no longer Simon"
  • You MUST clearly terminate your microphone to give a new Simon order to ensure there is no confusion with what Simon did and didn't say
  • Commands are not overided  in this day.

C16. How to report rule breakers:

  • a. Use @ in chat to send a message to the admins. Always use this when trying to report people, staff do not take request through public chat and attempting to do so will result in being ignored and/or getting muted.
  • b. If no staff respond through admin chat, join the chatroom in our Steam group
  • c. Do not lie to staff!. This will result in staff ignoring you and a possible mute
  • d. You MUST have sufficient proof if you are reporting a freekiller. If the player in question is constantly freekilling other people and not just you, then the staff can see it. Hoverever, if it was a 1 time freekill that happened to you only, we have no way of knowing if it was valid unless we saw it or you have video proof If you don't have sufficient proof, then don't waste our time. There just isn't much we can do and most of these issues would be better if you take them to our forums. Be sure you have proof.


Guard Rules

G1. The following are not allowed:

  • a. Freekilling (killing non-rebels)
  • b. Gun planting
  • c. Pressing buttons without the warden's consent (unless the warden is dead or it is a warday)
  • d. Ordering a prisoner to drop or lower a melee weapon (knife, crowbar, fist)
  • e. Shooting randomly without the intention of killing a rebel
  • f. Getting near or stacking with non-rebelling prisoners or long periods of times or repetitively
  • g. Intentionally delaying the killing of a rebel
  • h. Avoiding active participation in the ongoing round by isolating yourself or camping far away for extended periods of time

G2. Guards may only take guns from the armory at the beginning of the round, taking guns from other places is not allowed.
G2a. Guards may only take guns from other places in an emergency situation (when they have run low on ammo in a fight). Taking guns off the map otherwise is not allowed!
G3. Guards must follow warden's orders as long as they are reasonable and the warden is not corrupt. G3a. Unreasonable: something like "kill yourself" or anything that forces the guard to break any rule.


Prisoner Rules


P1a. Being in any vent, passage, or KOS area makes you a rebel. (This means using any vent or wall hole/shortcut makes you a rebel!)
P1b. After you leave a KOS area, you are still a rebel.
P2a. Do not type "freekill" or similar into public chat, send it to the admins using @message.
P2b. No repeatedly accusing someone of freekill if you have no proof for your story. Get screenshots and videos.
P3. Repeats should be issued 2 times per round, you can ask IN CHAT if you could not understand the order. You cannot ask for a repeat with your microphone as microphones might be KOS and it can be unclear.
P3a. Intentionally asking for a repeat to delay time in a malicious sense is not allowed.
P3b. You cannot ask for a repeat if the orders are in chat.
P4. Intentionally stacking with prisoners or putting innocent prisoners between you and a guard while rebelling is not allowed.
P5. Using gunplanted guns is not allowed!.

P6. Auto-Rebel is not allowed! After 4 rounds of constantly rebelling you will be warned.



Warden Rules


W1. You must have a clear microphone and give clear orders to be a warden.
W1a. Giving orders that are sound-alike is not allowed. Ex: "termination" instead of "extermination".
W1b. Consecutive no-microphone freedays will result in a team swap.
W2. Prisoners may ask for a repeat 2 times PER ROUND and you must fully repeat both times.
W2a. After 2 clear repeats, you may refuse repeats and kill prisoners who ask for them.
W2b. After a repeat, you must give ALL prisoners a reasonable amount of time to comply with the order again.
W3. You cannot order an even for LR with more less than 5 prisoners.
W3a. Example: There are 5 prisoners, you say first one to jump lives. This is NOT allowed.
W4. Orders must be given by 9:00 or it is a freeday if no orders are attempted.
W4a. Intentionally not giving orders if you are able will result in a guard ban.
W5. Prisoners must be outside of their cells by 8:30 or it is a freeday.
W6. Be specific and preferably mark locations you are referring to with a warden waypoint.
W7. You cannot order anyone to do anything that breaks any rule, or forces prisoners into a KOS area.
W8. Orders that are not allowed include: 

  • a. Orders that prohibit a prisoner's ability to chat freely
  • b. Any order that forces a prisoner to rebel (excluding warday)
  • c. Any order that is intended to kill most or all of the prisoner team (ie. "first prisoner to jump gets LR")
  • d. Any order that is overly complicated or extremely long to the point where it can't be remembered easily
  • e. Any order that is nearly impossible to complete (ie. "slow crouch walk backwards to here", this is impossible without delaying and thats a troll)

W8a. Giving these orders is not a "trick" nor "invalid" and should not be followed or given. This is a slayable/warnable offense.
W9. You must wait 2 rounds after doing the following days before doing them again:

  • Warday
  • Freeday
  • Hide & seek
  • HG Day

W10. Annoying repetitive days are not allowed. If the majority of the players dislike your repetition then you must stop.
W10a. This does not apply to the first order of the round.
W11. You may post your orders into chat to avoid having to repeat. Repeats may be denied if your orders are posted into chat. This overrides rule W1 as long as more than 50% of prisoners are not complaining.

W12. You may grant the LR prisoner a DR if you like.

LR Rules


LR1. Last request is not optional and cannot be denied unless the prisoner is a rebel.
LR2. Last requests that may be denied include:

  • a. Any staff/VIP commands
  • b. Anything that breaks rules
  • c. Asking someone to sing or do something stupid with their voice
  • d. Anything that wastes a significant amount of time (waiting over 2 minutes for the end round bomb)

LR3. The warden cannot order the prisoner with last request, infact the prisoner is practically the warden when they have last request.
LR3a. Guards cannot shoot or press buttons unless granted permission by the prisoner with last request.
LR4. All commands issued by the warden are invalid and the prisoner can move freely as if they had a freeday.
LR5. The prisoner with last request may request a game to be played by all prisoners on the following round.


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