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Staff Application


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In game name:sease8

Discord name:GarryGamen




Have you ever been staff on any other DarkRP servers? List them below.No

How many hours in Garry's mod do you have?:102 Hours

How long have you been apart of Neonlink?:6 Hours

What is your rank in game? (trusted,vip)User

What days are you able to be on?All Of Them

Why do you want to be staff? (Answer this question thoroughly, and not "I like helping people :D") 8+ sentences.I would like to be a member of the staff team for a couple reasons. I would like to provide a perfect Role-Playing environment for all players, and staff members alike. Sustaining the integrity of the server would be my main priority, as I would be willing to sacrifice my time to go the extra mile with players, and the community. In my personal experience, servers have died out due to Toxic players, and the fact that they do not have enough staff members. I feel I would be able to help guide and reform players, and push them in the right direction to sustain a balanced and fair community. I am able to act quick, and be efficient on my feel when a problem arises, and would be able to solve it in a timely manner. Finally, I would like to do good for the server - Help it build, gain popularity, and help maintain a friendly and inviting community.I would put 110% into my job no matter what the job take or requires.I see people rdming each other,cdming each others and prop killing each other around a spawn loot.I know a ton about the server and how to answer peoples questions when they need something.People need admins so much sometimes the admins are busy with other people,so I would help out fellow staff members and take cases,but do the logs to make a final decision.

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