Welcome to NeonLink Store

This server is about having fun and not taking itself too serious, however this does not take away from the fact that we strive for the best in server quality! If you enjoy the survive consider donating!

What Payments Do You Take?

At the moment we only take PayPal.


Once you donate you should recive your package under 1-2 minutes!

Look Good On Servers

When you donate your looked as someone who want to futher the neonlink community and we neonlink thanks you!

Frequently Asked Questions?

Where Does The Money Go?

All the money made on the store will go to neonlink server bills and funding for scripts, forums, and etc....

Whats The Discord?

Click The link Below....

Can I get a refund after purchasing?

Please UNDERSTAND when your buying something from the store you are donating to neonlink and in our ToS it have a no refund policy. You may not have a refund but might be able to refund it in credits on the store.